Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sonic, Mai Nickelbocker Glory

Sonic is such a joy, he is always happy just like his daddy Sing, never have a dull moment, he also act like a puppy puppy all the time. He really made me laugh a lot. He loves his agility training, I have never have a dog that loves agility as much as him.

He started his puppy pre-agility training at Sunniday with Lin Bergan in September, he absolutely love it, unfortunately we have to miss a few Saturdays due to the puppies. Sonic was very miserable not to be able to go and have some fun on Saturday. We then join Anju with Leah Gardner on Thursday evening, everytime we pull into the carpark, he drag me to get into the venue. This shows how keen and enthusiastic he is about agility.

He is doing very well (in my opinion) in his pre-agility classes. I am very pleased with him. Sunniday is outdoor and Anju is indoor, it is good that he has two different environments to work at. He is getting more and more distracted recently ... since Sipzie and Scara came into season, he became very friendly with all dogs he sees in the Common and at training. That is good for me as I know I have to work hard to get his attention back on me. There is only one little thing that bother him at Anju is there is a big piece of mirror on the wall, he is worried about the reflection when he ran close to the mirror. I need to work hard on that part.
Due to the weather, we haven't been able to practise anything in the garden for 3 weeks and he is really upset I fence the "agility" part of the garden up. He loves to run up and down the A Frame and Dog Walk whenever he is in the garden, this is one of the reason that I fence the garden up into 2 parts at this time of the year. I do not want any accident when I am not out there with them.

He is also go in and out the dog flap now, so that is a jackpot for me, I don't have to go to bed late and wake up early to let him go to toilet, he now learn to use the flap to go out to do his toilet as well as whenever he wants to go out.

He has turned into a very handsome boy, I am biased I know. He is getting more and more like Sing in many ways as well as Samber. He now ONLY loves his tennis ball, that is Sing. He will do anything for a throw of tennis ball, that is very Sing alike. If my throw gone bad, meaning I throw the ball in the air, the way he jump and fetch the ball in the air is so like Sing too. Indoor, he also did this little somersaults is very like Sing. The Samber part of him is ROLL in the foxpoo!! Grrr ... Sing never roll in fox poo, the only time he roll is when it is snowing! Whenever we take Samber out, she surely roll in fox poo! Oh, and the way he ran is very much like Samber :)


Vonnie said...

Handsome boy :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear Sonic is doing so well! It must be wonderful to have a dog that loves agility that much!