Thursday, April 26, 2012

more Sizzle update

Sizzle this morning, still groggy from sedation. His mind is very alert but body is still weak, poor boy :(

After much consideration, Sizzle was sent in for an xRay yesterday. As you can guess, it was a long dreadful day but it was all GOOD news! Vet took 7 xRays and they can't find any broken bones or spinal injury, Sizzle is in good form; so the vet thinks it's down to the muscular problem. We can only guess either the big collision from the girls back in December hasn't heal up properly or the wind swept wing at training back in January still causing the trouble. Liz, one of the vet looked at him then said she wasn't happy with the toes area (nothing broken) but agreed with me that the heat was coming from the shoulder. He was rest on and off and treated many times since. 

His problem at the moment is, he is not extending well when he was running. He is a good little man, he tried so hard. He has some good runs and some bad runs. Vet said anti-inflammatory and rest. I am keeping an eye on him for sure. 

Thanks to all kind emails/texts/phone calls. I will keep you all posted.


Sara said...

Rest is tough, but I'm glad to hear that nothing showed up on the x-ray.

Hang in there you two.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sweet Sizzle. I am also glad nothing showed up on the x-rays. Hope he feels like himself soon!

Jolanda said...

That's good news, Lian! I hope a little rest will do him good.

Diana said...

Poor Sizzle. Im glad the xrays where ok. But boy muscle injuries take a long time to heal. I hope he heals quickly.

Vonnie said...

Goods news. One thing Sizzle is sensible and knows when not to overdo himself, clever boy.I'm sure over time he'll get back to his weeself :) Wee sis sends licks xxx

corbinwooten said...

I'm glad to hear it appears to be nothing serious. Hopefully some meds and some rest and Sizzle will be right back to normal soon.

Sending well-wishes!