Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Savannah, Fly and Tye 6 months

I cannot believe Sing x Sunny puppies are 6 months old already! They turned 6 months last Friday. I've got to see Savannah almost every week since she left. I've watched her grows and grows and grows ... I am hoping she will stop now LOL

Savannah taken at 4.5 months.

Last Saturday, we met Fly at Wye Valley. This is the first time I saw her since she left the nest. I was really amazed how much she looks like Savannah, they are like identical twin, they look alike in so many ways apart from the size. Fly is so much smaller!
 Fly taken at 6 months old, with daddy Sing :)

and this is Fly playing tug with big sister Beth:

 And this is my little Scampi (aka TYE) that I haven't seen since he left. From the picture, he seems to have more coat than the sisters and he is very handsome, I know I am biased!

ALL three pups are doing well at training, they all have fabulous temperament, always happy, outgoing and bald. Nothing really worried them. I can't wait to see them in the ring and hopefully I will get to see Tye sometimes this year.


Diana said...

They do look like identical twins. Very cute!!!

Rhoda said...

They are all so cute!! Brooke can't wait to meet them all at shows :)

Priscilla said...

They are so adorable!!!

Chris and Ricky said...

Very cute! Hard to believe they are 6 months already!

Vonnie said...

There all gorgeous :)

~Rosie~ said...

Oh man!! i miss them soo much!!

Jolanda said...

They are all so cute! Love the little tugging video! I think Fly looks a bit like Skye, apart from her colour of course ;)