Monday, April 23, 2012

Sizzle the weasel

Well, there were a lot of discussions over the last few days about my little weasel. Colin, who is not as crazy as I am that jump into every little thing, he has a calmer attitude towards things (which is good and we do need a man like him in the house!). He asked me: Do you really think that the weasel needs the xRay? My immediate answer is: YES, Yes and yes! He said to me, if you don't think he has a broken bone or slip disc, an xRay won't really show up. That got me thinking. 

Yes, I know Sizzle is not right and the last Chiropractor treatment showed that he was in pain or discomfort which made him growl at her ... he has been doing agility on and off, although he has lost his speedy speed but if he has a broken bone or slip disc, he won't be able to run but he sometimes happily chase the crows in the Common and played ball with the others. 

I don't like to have my dogs going through sedation/anaesthetic if I can help. This morning, I have an open discussion with my vet to see what her opinion is. Jackie is a lovely vet and I am glad I have found a good vet like her. We talked through many possibilities and we both agreed that it could be a soft tissue injury, so for now, we will put Sizzle on anti-inflammatory tablets for 2 weeks and rest and see how gets on. That will take us through to May bank holiday then we will back to see Jackie again.

I know WAO is getting under my skin but I am so glad and proud that Sizzle and I are to be included in Team England. I know I cannot train my dog and be prepared like all the others are doing but I just have to trust my dog and myself! I learn to BELIEVE! WE CAN DO IT!

Please read small print: BTW, I hate this new blog layout :( I hate changes :((  


Jolanda said...

Great attitude!! Hope this treatment will do Sizzle good. Love the picture of the both of you!

Chris and Ricky said...

Yes you have to believe that Sizzle will be fine and you will both do great at WAO! I know I have confidence in you guys!

I hate change too!

Priscilla said...

Your smile in the picture has said it all, Lian. Sizzle will be alright and both of you are doing well and will do great at WAO.

Diana said...

Keeping our fingers crossed for fast healing.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can!!
Go Sizzle and Lian!!!!
xx from Little App and Jazz

Vonnie said...

Positive Mental Attitude is the best! WTG wee man :) Sis send sloppy licks xxxxx Here's another Stay Calm and Carry on :)

Sara said...

I hope the meds will help Sizzle feel better (and you too)!