Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brand New Year, Brand New Me!

The New Year seems to shoot pass very fast!! It's already the 5th day of 2010! I have been very busy for the last few days, review 2009, a lot of thinking, a lot of mental training and a lot of physical training too!

I love every single one of them in the picture, each one of them is unique and have their own personality; they mean a lot to me. They give me love, they give me hope and they give me the reason to be a stronger person!

Sing and I are starting our fitness training, he has his third assessment with Sara and she is happy to announce that we can get back to our routine. WooHoo! I have been doing a lot of LONG walking with Sing and the others over the festive season, we also doing some hill walking everyday. I also get into the habit of doing a non-stop walking for at least 30 minutes. I started with my normal walking pace but after two weeks, I am able to increase my pace a little and I walk much faster without stopping for 30/40 minutes. It was hard work to start with but DETERMINE is my keyword to success for 2010. I have been doing very well and I am happy.

me and my boys (and girl) determine to get fit for 2010

Sing and I train to run up and down the hill for at least 10 minutes every day

and Sing is so happy to be able to go back to his ball game. I make sure I throw the ball as far as I can so he is not able to jump in the air to catch the ball. Maybe is about time I take out my long lost "chuck it"!

I wish my special boy a healthy year ahead of him!

I think I must have been a good girl, I received the most precious gift from my secret santa. He is training me to become a better person to train my dogs. I have a lot of homeworks to work on and I DETERMINE to change and make myself a better handler. After a few days of mental and physical trainings, I know I am getting better each time. Thank you very much, Secret Santa! Watch this space!

my motto:
if you want to change your dog's behaviour, you need to change your own behaviour first!

Happy New Year, my fellow bloggers!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy New Year to you too! I love your word - determined - and your motto! Those are words we can all live by. So glad that Sing is better and he can play ball again! The hill you climb is awesome - wish we had one like it around here. We've got lots of snow and very cold temperatures but we do the best we can to get out there and walk, run and play - determined!!

ann said...

Happy new year Lian, we must get together for that walk soon.... lots and lots of STEEP hills here...

Love to all

Ann xx

Sara said...

I'm so glad Sing can play ball again! I'm sure he is so happy.

I like your motto. It is one we could all live by!

Vonnie said...

Happy New Year! Right I have now embedded that motto in my mind! Positivity Lian I like it! Great pics! Keep up the new routine! Nothing more precious than the love your Shelties (& Colin) give you!

Christine said...

Woohoo, how impressive is that! Have a fantastic 2010 :-)