Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green again!

I can't believe the weather changed just like that, in the last couple of days, the temperature was above freezing and during the day, it went up to 6c and it felt WARM. We had some heavy rain and all the snow has gone by now.

I had an early released on Thursday from my jury service, I was home before 2pm and I was released for Friday as well. WooHoo! I do not mind a job like that. This also mean I have an unexpected one and half day off to be with the dogs. We couldn't get to any training this week :( but we have some extra long wet walks on Thursday and Friday. The dogs are happy!

We met up with Lisa yesterday to have a walk in Newlands Corner. It was a wonderful walk although it was very wet and windy and cold but we enjoyed the catch up girlie chat and I was glad to see Chi, Truly and Billy again. Funnily, Sizzle and Sing love Billy, a bit too much. They won't leave Billy in peace for the entire walk. Bless Billy, he is so patient with them for the 2 hours walk!

Today, the sun was shinning and I managed to get the camera out again.

Sizzle is so happy to run on the green again!!

I just loved these pairs, they always make me smile!

Sing is so glad he can GO into the pond again! Look at the smile on his face.

Samber's coat is finally coming back!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We are having rain today and it is melting most of our snow too. Glad to hear you got out of jury duty early and managed to get in some walks with the dogs! They look very happy!

Vonnie said...

Yeah green grass! They look like their having a blast!

Priscilla said...

Green green grass, lovely!

Sara said...

Looks like great fun. We are still white here!

Diana said...

Looks like everyone is happy the weather changed. Diana