Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fitness swim

I took Sing to Greyfriars today. I was supposed to start his fitness swim two weeks ago but I was in jury service, everything has to put on hold, so he is two weeks late into his fitness regime.

Due to his unknown back end injury, the friendly assistance at Greyfriars suggested I put a harness on him to help him swim, with the harness on, that helps him float better on the water and put less pressure on his back. He looks very funny with his little harness ... he hates it!

This is Sing's first swim since early last year. I couldn't take Saturn and Sizzle today with Sing because Sing was supposed to swim with a boisterous dog but since I was an hour early and there was only one cute westie in the pool, we were lucky to join Sadie the westie. We will be back swimming again on Friday, Saturn and Sizzle will be joining Sing in the pool! I am looking forward to the Shelties swim!


Priscilla said...

That's great! Lucky dogs getting their fitness swim! Unfortunately we can't have that in malaysia, unless we have our own pool :)

Vonnie said...

Sing looks so happy, he just loves the water!