Thursday, January 07, 2010

tons of snow make a happy me!

I know most of you think I am crazy but you can't stop me liking snow. We had more snow yesterday and that made at least 3" on top of those we already had on Wednesday morning. I missed my weekly club training today. I don't fancy a long drive at this sondition.

look at the face of my car! he doesn't like the cold weather!

The Common looks absolutely beautiful, truly Winter Wonderland. There are not too many people in the Common today and most of the kids were gone, I think they are back to school as normal. Well, you can't let the snow stopping you from school/work.

I am glad that we have the big space to ourselves again! The shelties love to play in the snow. The snow is powdery today, Sizzle and Saturn have little snowballs attach to them but that didn't stop them from fetching their favourite ball.


here is me throwing Saturn's favourite, the Orbee:


eventhough I keep telling people to keep off the frozen pond and the Friends of Common also put a lot of Notices out there to warn people about THIN ICE but no one is listening at this time, we have a lot of people walking on the frozen pond and the children tried to skate on it! I was tempted to try it myself, so I thought I will be brave today to walk on the 7 Islands pond and hop from one island to the others. Sing wasn't sure about it, he is the only dog that didn't follow me, I think he is a wise dog!

this is him waiting by the edge of the pond, I have to encourage him to come with me. Do you think I am a bad mummy?

I've got practice my photo skill again today, I try to make this picture of Saturn not so sharp, so it looks a little blur (in purpose). I think he has such a sweet, soft expression. And he is one very handsome boy!

the pond is really icy, this is Saturn skating. Do you think ITV could do a series of "Dancing On Ice with Dogs"?

We have two visitors for the next 10 days, Alan is on holiday, so I am having his two Cavis as a house guest.

Quincey (tri colour male) and Jaffa (blenheim female), they are very close to each other.

I am not trying to make the Cavis to drink Stella but these two are not too sure about the garden (or put off by the snow?) and just wanted to go back inside the warm house.

here is Sing inviting them to come and play with him

how do these two Cavis found the fish pond? I don't know! Luckily it is frozen solid!

and ... they seems to like the pond very much!! Both went around investigating the pond

this is Quincey, he is a bit shy

Samber tried to get them to play with her too, but no luck, just looked at Jaffa's face.

on the other hand, Sizzle tried to get Quickey's attention


Vonnie said...

Loads of fun beinf had by the Knights Shelties & mum! The 3rd pic down is so funny! It's as if Saturn is looking at Sizzle with the "that's my ball" face and Sing has that "ha ha ha!" face! Other pics are brill too! Enjoy!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear you got so much snow!! I love it too but my mom doesn't. Love your photos as always! Have fun! Mom is already dreaming of spring - just 72 more days!

Sara said...

Happy you, happy dogs! Yea for snow!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful pictures. Lots of fun. Little Eva hopes she could have some snow here too!

ann said...

great pics as always Lian, glad you got the snow you were hoping for. There's always plenty here if you run out I've not been able to get my car out since Tuesday !!

Ann xx