Sunday, February 14, 2010

St Valentine & CNY!

GONG XI FA CAI 恭禧發財 to my friends who celebrate Chinese New Year. It is the first day of Chinese New Year today and I believe this is the year of the Tiger. We are not allow to celebrate CNY as I've just lost my beloved brother last year and according to tradition, we cannot celebrate any festive seasons for three years. To be honest, any festive celebrations didn't mean a thing to me anymore! 

Today is also St Valentines Day, Colin and I are still very much in love but we don't celebrate. So, what  are we doing then?

Well, we woke up early today, drove down to Dial Post to do "sheep herding" with Saturn! Colin and I agreed that this is possibly the best way to celebrate our love as I love training my dog and he loves watching Saturn "stupidly" (don't ask me why but Colin thinks he is so funny when he herds the sheep) herd the sheep!

The weather wasn't too kind, very cold and miserable. It was snowing while we herd sheep! Saturn couldn't care less, he loves rounding the sheep up and he was very good to bring back the "lost" sheep. I left my doggie car in the garage for repair and they don't have the parts till Monday so we have to drive the convertible. We can't take all the dogs so we managed to squeeze Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and baby Skye in.

here are the series of photos of Saturn herding:


youngsters watched and learned:

baby Skye is here to stay for a week, her mummy and daddy is on holiday. She is settling very well and love to play with her mama and uncles:

Happy Valentines Day!


Christine said...

That is fabulous seeing shelties work. And Happy Valentine Day ;-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Herding is a great way to spend the day! Saturn looks like he had a fantastic time!

Diana said...

Great pictures. I hope to some day try Miley on sheep. Diana

Vonnie said...

Awwww Saturn, bless hi, look at him go! He looks like he "loves" it! Happy Valentines Day!

I've got to keep reminding myself I am looking at Sizzle not Ellie! :)

Nat said...

Very very cool photos. This makes me even more itchy to do some more herding, I've been absolutely obsessing about it recently!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Fizz said...

I'd love to do this with Fizz, he herds everything on walks but obviously isn't allowed near any of the sheep we see, so I'd love to do something like this with him. Looks like Saturn is a natural ;-)