Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wild Wednesday

We are a MAD house at the moment! I have two Skye(s) staying, a black one and a brown one, the brown one I called her baby Skye. Both Skyes are a handful, they are both young and crazy. It is fun to have them around. I really enjoy their company. They keep me busy all the time, I forgot how busy are you when you have a young one, let alone TWO!

I wish the weather is better with the girls staying. We had a lot of rain yesterday, tons of it! This is the first time our garden is waterlogged! Can you imagine having 8 shelties running in and out? I seems to constantly mopping the floor!! :(

The boys, other than evil Titan are not impress with the new girls. Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and Seagull trying to stay away from these mad Skyes. Little baby Skye is the combinations of Sing and Samber. She has Samber's madness and Sing's intelligent.

the wild kid:
she is a mad tugger like her daddy, she can tug on her lead for the entire walk!


Priscilla said...

Love the picture of all shelties on the bench. What posers :)
Glad both Skyes are keeping you busy xD

Diana said...

They are all so cute. Diana

Vonnie said...

You've got your hands full with the mad girls! Poor boys won't know what's hit them! LOL!

Jolanda said...

Great pictures! Skye is in such good hands with you! Still, I can't wait to see her again tomorrow!