Thursday, February 18, 2010

trick 'n' treat Thursday

baby Skye is such a joy to live with, she is so much fun and full of life. Having her around made me young again! She is full of beans, I am amazed how fast she learns a new trick and she does think in speed as well. I have been observing her for the last few days, and I can see she is 90% of Sing and 10% of Samber!

Her mummy and daddy are coming back tonight, so she will be going home tomorrow. The boys will be so glad that she is gone and I will feel so empty without her! Well, at least she keeps me moving all the time, I must have lost some weight running around with her!!

this is Skye's TT Thursday:



Priscilla said...

What a clever girl!!

Vonnie said...

HTM dog in the making! She is focused and ready to trick her heart out!

Sara said...

She's such a petite little sheltie. What a sweetie.

helenm said...

Very clever!