Monday, February 01, 2010

a bit of everything

I was quite busy for the last few days trying to sort out a lot of paperworks, renew memberships, planned which agility shows we can go ... etc. It took me days to sort out most of the things!

Starting last week, we now go back to our usual training, it was so good to be training again! I am really rusty wtih my handling, I keep making a silly mistake! Having a break is doing no good to me!!

I took the boys swimming on Friday, Saturn loves it! You can't believe Saturn wouldn't want to swim in the pond. In the pool, he nevers stop! Each time he bring the ball back, off he dives in again and I always chuck the ball the furthest I can, this mean he has to swim the full lenght of the pool, for full 25 minutes! He is as fit as anything. I still have to be careful with Sing, just in case he pulls his back end again, he wore the jacket when he swims. He is better with the jacket on Friday, he seems to accept it now. Sizzle was funny, he is tiny little boy, when he was standing on the platform, the water already up on his chest so he cannot shake! Bless him! I didn't take any photo or video, I just want to enjoy the swim with the boys!

We had a dust of snow on Saturday, I was disappointed. I like it with a bit more snow to play with but hey ho, I cannot complain. We had a lot of snow recently and I am happy.

this is me and the shelties running in the Common on Saturday.
It was a lovely day and I love being out with the dogs.

On Sunday, I received a text from Miguel saying how well Sipzie did in the show ring. This was her very first show and she looks very promising. I am very proud of her and of course her handler Miguel. Thanks to Miguel for showing her.

of course young Sipzie wants to play with the Border Collie puppy standing next to her!
Hahaha ... I like her cheeky naughty self!

Sipzie today


Diana said...

Sipzie is very cute. Diana

Priscilla said...

Congrats to Sipzie!
And what a fun day!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you were able to get out and swim and walk with the shelties and that Saturn is in good shape and Sing is better! Look at how big Sipzie is - she is so cute!

Sara said...

What wonderful days you've had with your dogs...swimming, running, training. Sounds like fun!

Sipzie is darling.

Vonnie said...

Awww Lian she is growing up to be stunning! Congrats on the win!

Love the pics of you running with the dogs! :)