Wednesday, May 12, 2010

busy and a long painful wait!

I have been very busy yesterday and today! I met up with Jenny and her lovely Border Collie Copine for a good walk at Wimbledon Common yesterday. We had a good solid 2.5 hours walk. We didn't slow down, we kept marching! It wasn't plan for a long walk but Jenny and I got lost in the wood, so it ended up a good long walk! We then have some yummy food in the Windmill Cafe to regain our energy to drive home!

You thought I will be tired? Nope, I spent all afternoon moving the agility equipments around and maw the lawn! I must have burnt off all my calories! I was expecting a back ache this morning but nope, I am fine and full of energy! I think the long walk must do me good. 

I decided to re-do my See-Saw. My SS is actually a part of the Contact Trainer I bought a few years ago. Unfortunately the CT didn't works, so I called Premier who made the CT to see if they are happy to take part of the CT back and exchange for a full A Frame. Premier has excellent service, they sent me a brand new full A Frame almost immediately and I kept the SS part. The SS Part isn't really a SS, it has slats, it's more like a DW plank on the SS base. I think that confused Saturn when I trained him as a puppy. Just before I had Sizzle on the SS, I removed those slats but I didn't do a good job, I made a messed on the plank but it was ok. Also, for some reason, I misplaced the bolt on the base and found another smaller one to fit in the hole, so the SS is actually not steady!

After Sizzle's SS problem, I seriously thinking of re-surface the SS. I decided to try the rubber chip from Contactcoat. I bought my See-Saw kit from them last weekend. I spent nearly a week to digest the instruction, at this point, I wish I have a handy-man husband!

I sand the plank down this morning and clean and wash off all the dirt and let the plank dry up. I am also a little bit ambitious to change the original colour. The plank was Blue and White to match the A Frame and DW in the garden but I am fed-up with Blue & White, so to give it a bit of life in the garden, I chose RED!

So far, I have just painted the RED and waiting for it to dry up nicely before I can paint the two ends of white. This is going to be a long painful wait before I can use the SS again!


Diana said...

It looks very pretty. The contact coat doesnt take very long to actually do, its waiting for it to fully dry. I think I had to wait 3 days. I would recommend having several pairs of rubber gloves on. The glue spreading tool didnt work very well and I had to use my hands. good luck. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The long wait will be worth it - looks like you are going to have a very nice (and pretty) seesaw!

Congrats on the good long walk!

Sara said...

I like the red!

Good for you for doing it yourself!

Vonnie said...

Busy and very clever woman :)

Priscilla said...

Lian, you're fantastic!