Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sizzle, wobble, heat

I continue to train Sizzle and his "wobble" everyday (2-3 short sessions a day) this week. He has been very good on it at home, I added front cross, blind turn and hanging behind, he works well running all the way up and stop at the end waiting for my "ok" word (release command). Now, I need proofing from different places.

We went to Club training today, I always find Wednesday afternoon very hard to cope. 1pm is not my best time to train! It wasn't sunny today, the weather was a little bit weird, sun in, sun out, cloudy most of the time but the air was very humid. I cannot deal with heat, it gave me headache! It was about 21c yesterday, today was between 21c-25c. I need pain killers yesterday and today to be able to cope the weather!

Sizzle is just like me, he doesn't work well in the heat either! At training today, he was very tired and slow. I tried hard to encourage him for speed but he isn't his usual speed. He did two good see-saw though. I was very please with it. It was some jumping sequence in the beginning, then into the tunnel and a jump before the see-saw, that gave him some speed to run up the see-saw. He did great, he ran all the way to the end and wait. I reward him with clicker & treat, then released. We did that sequence twice, both time he did great. I should have stop there and then but I was stupid. At the end of the class, I asked permission to do one more see-saw before going home. He was exhausted and creep on the see-saw. It was painful to watch!
I was very upset about myself and beginning to worry that I have "damage" all my training yet once again! This evening, when the air is a bit cooler, I have Sizzle out in the garden. To me he looks confused! His first attempt wasn't good. He ran all the way to the end but in slow motion! I then decided to do one recall and  a couple jumping on the side and leave it. Then, an hour later, we went out to do a couple of see-saw, he was good so I stop. An hour later, we went out again, this time I have "road killed" (his new toy) instead of treat, heyho, he was so excited, he released himself before my "ok" but I did heard the bang on the floor before he released himself. This is good but not for now, I am not risking another quick release so I have the clicker & treat out again, he did stop to wait for my release word. I don't want to over do it today, we will see what happen tomorrow.

We have Club training tomorrow morning, hopefully the weather didn't get too hot. I bought him a Swamp Cooler made by Ruffwear. I have not try it on him yet as the weather has been so wet and cool but I guess it is time for this swamp cooler. I wish they have one for human though!

I recently clear up our old sand pit and replaced by a decking. The shelties love it! You can find Sing lying on the decking in the morning enjoying a bit of morning sunshine. Sing and Saturn are so funny, they think this decking is the agility table. If I am training one of the dogs, I get the others to lie down and stay. I reward them each time they did the down stay. Normally Saturn and Sizzle will break the stay if I set them up on the patio or grass when I train Sing but not when they are on the decking. Sizzle beginning to have a good stay  (on the decking only though) now if I work Saturn and Sing.


Diana said...

Im interested to hear how the swamp cooler works. Its very hot here already. 32 C at least and going to get hotter. Poor Miley hates it. Diana

Sara said...

The trio looks so cute on the decking. My dogs have always loved our deck too. I think they feel like royalty for some reason!

I hope the weather cools for you soon. Oreo slows down in the heat as well. I know you and Sizzle are going to figure out your see saw soon. Don't worry.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like you have made great progress with Sizzle and the see saw already! Keep up the good work!

I hate the heat too - I think it slows us all down!

Vonnie said...

Gorgeous pic of the handsome trio! Maybe Sizzle is sensing from you as your feeling muggy you know what these dogs are like sensitive to all our moods. I hate the heat to like you headaches are rife!