Sunday, July 31, 2011

grumpy weekend :(((

Well, nothing is going my way this weekend, I am grumpy. First of all, the weather is turning hot and I am suffering from the heat. I know a lot of people enjoys "the summer" weather but my body just could not cope with it. I keep having migraine and try to stay away from the sun. I can only take the dogs out very early in the morning and late in the evening when it is a bit cooler; during the day, I just stay at home and not wanted to do anything.

We went to Agility Club show yesterday, Sizzle had his Champ runs, Crufts Singles and Team run. We started with the Champ Jumping. It was a handling course. For some reason, I just could not register the course in my head straightaway. I had to walk it 7th time then I beginning to see the pattern. I never thought I could get around the course as I struggled to remember it. I am glad we ran clear and smooth.

Sizzle's Champ Jumping:

After Sizzle's Champ Jumping, I went to run Sipzie in her Graded 4 to 6 Jumping. I wind her up before we ran, probably too much as we have to wait for the judge ... she got tired and confused. At the end, I have to use the treat to get her going, so she lost her speed there but she was clear until the last jump. Yes, she completed the 6 weaves and everything was smooth but ran past the last jump! I think Colin must have fallen asleep as he missed the beginning of the run!

Sipzie's Graded 4-6 Jumping:

After Sipzie's run, everything went wrong. First, I realised my hand was swollen. I've got bitten by an unknown insect on Friday night standing in the garden to get the puppies to go toilet before bed. I took an allergy tablet as it was painful and put some antiseptic cream and went to bed. Soon after Sipzie's run, I felt like I had a slight fever and the hand got red and sore. I tried to concentrate on my Champ run with Sizzle. As I was getting ready to run him, there were two dogs before us, one of the Champ dog had a go at him. I knew this dog and this is not the first time he "got" Sizzle. He is always unfriendly to Sizzle and I tried to avoid him if I can. He is a castrated male so I am not sure why he is "nasty" to my Sizzle. There is no harm done to Sizzle but it blew my mind. I know I am always over protected my dogs, especially the little ones. Before I could gather my mind, I was asked to get ready to run Sizzle. I tried my best and of course I lost him at the bit that I am worried about, the jump after the DW and got us eliminated. Damn! So no Final for us!
Sizzle's Champ Agility:

After that, I was getting really grumpy, my hand was getting worst and I certainly feel hot in my body. I need some medication. I want to go home but Sizzle is running in the Team, so I have to hang on for it ... after lunch. I walked the Crufts Singles & Team during lunch but by the time I ran the Crufts Singles, I nearly forgot the course! I am not supposed to do a front cross after the see-saw but I did and it looked stupid!

Sizzle's Crufts Singles:

Unfortunately, in the Team run, Sizzle pop out of the 10th pole of the weave! That's such a shock to me. I've never think that he will do that and I couldn't believe he did that. Colin said he have been watching Sipzie too much! LOL!!! Sadly, none of our ESSC Teams qualified for Crufts next year. You can find the Medium Team video at: Brooke's later.

ESSC Small Team:

Because my hand is still badly swollen, I decided to miss the show today and stay at home and moan about it :(


Diana said...

Sorry about your hand and your weekend. Sipzie doesnt look slow on the video. I hope you feel better soon.

Angela said...

Hope your feeling better this morning....we all have shows like that! unless of course it's just you and me!!??

Vonnie said...

Some lovely runs, such a shame! Hope you're feeling better :)