Thursday, February 09, 2012

APP, nearly 4 weeks

App is here a week now, I can see changes in him everyday. He continues to put on weight and is a very strong little boy. I fear that mama Skye hasn't got enough milk to feed him so I started to wean him off early. Even with no teeth, he is eating well, I had given him mince beef, scrambled eggs, puppy kibbles soak in hot water and he ate it all. Truly a sheltie, no problem eating!

He beginning to venture more into his new surrounding and also becomes very playful in the last couple of days. I feel very sad and sorry for him that he has no siblings to play with or even learning the manners from. Big brother Sonic is very keen to make friends with him and he has met Vindi, the cat for the first time today :) Vindi is very interested in him but I am not sure he likes her smell :) yet.

this is one super gorgeous photo taken by Rosie last Sunday:

These are App desperate for a playmate :(



corbinwooten said...

App, I will come visit and play with you!!!

(Can't guarantee that I wouldn't bring you home with me, though)


Diana said...

Wow, what a cutie!!

Vonnie said...

Awww bless :) Lovely roll over :)

Sara said...

Oh Lian! He's amazing. Glad he is a healthy, growing boy.

Lucky Rosie getting to play with him!

Priscilla said...

App is so cute! He does look very much like little Silky!