Friday, February 10, 2012

Fitness Friday

Today is an exciting day. There are too many things I want to talk about ... more snow and App turns 4 weeks old; but I will stick to my Fitness Friday for now :)

Well, this is week I have Saturn balancing his skill on the core as well as the front end. I have been teaching the dogs "hug" for a couple of years now, they are pretty good in hugging the duck in a sit position. I've recently watched this video on Silvia Trkman's website, this is one of her student performing "catches". That's very impressive and it inspired me that I want to go further with my "hugging" trick. I thought getting the dogs to sit up and catch/hug a toy is a good fitness as well :) They have to balance themselves while sitting up and also to put pressure on the front legs to catch/hug a toy. Saturn is always a happy boy, always wagging his tail, even doing a trick :)


corbinwooten said...

Nice job, Saturn! I love the look he gives at the end like..."I don't want to hold this duck, but I will!"

Priscilla said...

Good boy, Saturn!

Vonnie said...

Awww Saturn can you get any cuter and cleverer :)

Sara said...

Oreo and Chewy are working on the "catch" trick too! We're taking Silvia's advanced tricks class.

Its always nice to Saturn! I think he is the most handsome dog.