Saturday, February 11, 2012

Have a good time!

The shelties and I were having a good time in the snow lately. We had some snow last weekend and we were very lucky to have more snow on Thursday night/Friday morning. Although the snow was not as deep as last weekend but it was fresh on Friday morning when we got to Common, everywhere looked so beautiful with snow still hanging on the tree and the best of all, we have some fresh snow to play with. Only one problem though, whenever the shelties go out in the fresh snow, they all have trouble with snowballs hanging on their fur and I've got a huge one hanging on my shoelace!

This is a good soft frisbee for the shelties. I've got that as a freebie years ago from a dog show. I can't quite remembered where was it from but I am sure it's kinda dog charity. The Shelties love the frisbee and you can see a picture of a happy dog saying "Have a good time". Sadly, the shelties over play with the frisbee while we were in Scotland last August. I cannot find another one as good as this :(

here are some photos of the boys having frisbee fun in the snow, I must have taken nearly a thousands of photos, so I am picking the random ones ...

Lastly, we have some group photos of the boys ... these boys are so easy to take photos with, like an angel :)

 and here is the video taken by Colin today of Sing fetching his frisbee: 


Rosie Ison said...

Your dogs have a fantastic life :-))
Fantastic pics as usual

corbinwooten said...

Looks like fun had by all!

Lexi's favorite soft frisbee is the Floppy Disc. Might be as good as the first one you posted?

Diana said...

Looks like lots of fun!!!

Vonnie said...

Snow much fun :)