Monday, February 14, 2011

am I ready for Crufts?

The answer is NO! I haven't done much agility since our last show at Suffolk 5 Rivers, that was well back in September 2010. I have two months off, absolutely no agility, just walking and playing with the dogs. We resume training at first week of the New Year. Saturn and Sizzle were all charged up and ready to go. They worked really well at class, I was happy. I also started to train Sipzie seriously but nothing seems to go my way to begin with but we are coping and we are working more like a Team now. I supposed I need to give ourselves some times to adjust. 

I think I probably have spent too much time on Sipzie, to get her to weave and to work on a longer sequences and I have somehow ignored the boys. I have not done any extra training apart from our weekly club training. Sing is still on the rest. His paw is from bad to good and from good to worst, so he is still on the rest!

We went for a carpet training yesterday and after a couple of hours of practice, I realised how bad my handling were with the boys. Saturn is an experienced dog, Bless him, he always save me from my silly mistakes. Poor little Sizz man, he deserves a better handler! He made me looked so awful. I know I am biased, to me, he is an awesome little dog and always ready to do everything for me.

I know this is an poor excuse but my left hip seems to be "expired"! It has been bad for a few weeks now but it got worst over the last two weeks. After I came back from Helsinki, I need to hoop instead of walk at times. Running around the agility field didn't help.

Crufts is only 3 weeks away ... oh dear! I am worried!

this is my little man practice on the carpet yesterday, he "struggled" a little running on the carpet. He kept changing his stride to start with:


Jolanda said...

I'm sure you'll do very well. Your boys do everything for you. You'll make it work. Shame I can't watch you this year.

Gordon said...

the dogs will be fine - but you need to get yourself to a physio or chiro so that you feel fine too! xx


Ricky the Sheltie said...

You'll be fine! Don't worry! I enjoyed watching Sizzle's practice on the carpet - he is such a joy - and good girl Sipzie on the teeter at the end!

Hope you can rest your hip a little so you can feel better!

Vonnie said...

Your ready! Just remember "patience is a virtue" Love watching Sizzle gliding with ease clever boy :)