Thursday, February 10, 2011


Colin treated me to Helsinki, how kind is he? 

He has a few business meetings with clients in Helsinki. He asked me if I would like to go and see Neon and Kriisi. What a sweet husband is he? I knew this would be a very short trip but I never say NO to meet some wonderful shelties!

I left home with a heavy heart, Sing, Saturn and Sizzle were extremely sad, the look in their eyes almost put me off from going. We arrived in Helsinki nearly midnight on Monday. Tuesday,  we woke up with blizzard of snow, after breakfast, Colin off to his meetings and I wonder around locally. It was very nice walking in the snow, admiring Helsinki. To be honest, Helsinki is cover in snow and I hardly see anything other than WHITE!

I wasn't really in the mood to visit the city, I was more anxious to meet the shelties! Finally the time came and Jenna picked us up from the hotel and drove to her home. We were welcome by Hani and little Wii. Two very happy little tri girls. Hani is nearly 8 and she is so full of bean and energetic. You will think she is like a puppy. I really like her temperament, she is so outgoing and friendly and the way she plays with Wii and Neon. She is a great model for her offsprings. Wii oh Wii, she is just too cute for word! She is so bouncy and playful. There is never a dull moment for her. She is always on the go. And the handsome Neon. I really do want to sneak him into my bag and take him home. He is just something special. Like his mother, he is extremely outgoing, friendly, playful and full of energy. And there is Moona, she is one sweet sable girlie. She is probably the calmest of the lots and I caught her lying next to Colin :)

Then, we have Karol arriving with her two blue boys, Shokki and Kriisi. Shokki is the daddy to Neon and Kriisi. Oh My! He is only so tiny but very fast in the agility field. For some reason, Colin loves him very much. He thinks his two big ears are very cute. I think he is planning to sneak him into his bag :)

And Kriisi, he definitely is one very handsome boy. Lovely conformation and excellent temperament! I can't wait to have some puppies from him.

The men in blue: Neon, Shokki, Kriisi

 Colin and Neon; Kriisi and me.
 Kriisi and Neon's mum, Hani.
 mummy Hani, Neon, daddy Shokki and Kriisi
 this picture always made me smile, Hani is a very cute girl
 How can I forget to take some photos of Moona? She is such a sweetheart.
 handsome Kriisi
I am drown in puppy kisses
shelties playtime

 and some random photos from Helsinki:

 Brrrrrrrrr ...

 and I saw our Malaysian flag in Helsinki!!!


Diana said...

Looks like a great time but cold! LOL Very beautiful shelties!!

Sara said...

I've been to Helsinki, it's a cool city. I went in was cold, but not as cold as it looks in your photos!

The dogs are all beautiful.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Helsinki looks pretty even in the snow! The dogs were all gorgeous and how fun to see them! Glad you got to go and glad you had a good time!

Priscilla said...

Those shelties are so beautiful. So glad that you had a good time there, it looks really cold too.

Vonnie said...

Good to hear you had a lovely time! You certainly got your Sheltie fix LOL! They are all gorgeous!

Christine said...

Big ears and fast perfect, well with my Zev and Nuts, I guess it is no surprise ;-)