Saturday, February 26, 2011

some training news ...

I was quite busy these last two weeks, tried to fit myself in with some trainings and practice on the carpet. I went back to Little Revel Ends last Friday to play with Sizzle on the carpet. The first time we went there, he cannot find the grip and his stride was messy, so I thought I will spend 10-20min just to play ball him, encourage him to chase and run as fast as he can on the carpet. He wasn't up to it though, he wants to play agility also :(
Sizzle was not impress!

The best thing about this practice venue is the arena is all weather proof. Friday's weather was cloudy but it was dry, that's the main thing! I spent most of the time practice with Sipzie, I want to get her to use to work in all different equipments and places. She was great. She is not worry at all, in fact she was happy to work with me. She is tunnel crazy, super crazy. I can now stand still from a long distance (3-4 jumps away) and send her into the tunnel without moving myself (what a great achievement of me not moving!). Her upright weave is still not quite there yet. They haven't got a V weave, so I have to put the stripes around it to practice.
 Sipzie is quite a strong powerful girl, when she goes into the tunnel, you can hear her going through so fast and after a few times in and out of tunnel, she somehow move the sand bags that go around the entrance and exit of the tunnel! I didn't know she is so powerful until then :)

 I looked "chilled" in the first part of the video because when I get excited, she try to bite my arm for her excitement :(

We went to Lee's training on Saturday, again, I enjoyed it very much. I tried to work Sipzie on the easy sequences, she worked really well in a new place and new equipment! That's the second part of the video above.

this is Sizzle on Lee's training day:


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Those action shots of Sipzie are fantastic - especially the one where she comes out of the tunnel with her back feet completely in the air! She has such a happy look on her face!

Glad you got in some training on different surfaces. Poor Sizzle slipping on the carpet! He looked pitiful outside the fence :(

Amy Wood said...

The action shots are awesome! Sipzie does look like one happy pup running that course!

Vonnie said...

You're back into the swing off agility now! Love the pic of Sizzle lol. Sipzie is really improving fast!