Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring is in the air

 first sign of spring in our garden :)

We had gorgeous weather yesterday, it's like spring day, warm and sunny! How I wish everyday is just like yesterday. I even feel like having a BBQ!

After our agility class, we went walking at Oxshott Common with The Hennessy House. It was a brilliant relaxing walk, time to catch up with Ann after a long time. All the dogs were happily running about ...

 The KNIGHTs Shelties + The Hennessy Terriers

 The Hennessy kids with the shelties and terriers
 so happy together!
Sing, always a leader of the pack :)))

I was so glad that I have my camera with me and was able to capture some rather nice photos :)
 The youngest of The Hennessy Terrier, Fizzle (posh name: Shandon's Busy Little Fizzy), she lives up to her name and is a very busy little young lady. We believe she has sheltie in her :) 
  this is Ink, posh name Shandon's Slinky Little Inky. A great little character and a lot to give in Agility! I am sure Ann is very proud with her!
 and this is their nearly 14 years old Tippex, posh name Shandon's Tip Top Tippex. He has retired from Agility and enjoying his lovely walks
 this is how Ink & Fizz always play

 my handsome Saturn
 Seagull enjoyed his day out, eventhough I have to drag him to keep moving. He is not the oldest of mine but he slow down tremendously after 20 minutes walk

 Sing is my oldest but he is always on the GO, even with his injury on the paw and is always HAPPY and SMILEY. That's my boy!

 crazy Little Miss Sipzie, she loves to join the terriers for a bit of fun
 poor girlie is loosing all her coat, luckily is getting warmer as she has no coat at the moment

 he has become camera shy lately :(

flowers from our garden:
we have quite a few early daffodil blossom in our garden
this is Colins's favourite Heartbreaker Hebe
 I am surprised to see we still have snowdrops in our garden, I thought the dogs have damaged all of them by now :)
 I love crocus but I don't know why they grew everywhere in the garden and sadly, they have very short live with us, everyday when the dogs go out, they tramp on them and that's it :(
 even the fish are beginning to come up to ask for food :)


Priscilla said...

Everything looks lively and beautiful!!! So happy to know that spring is around the corner!

Diana said...

I love Spring! Beautiful pictures !!

Sara said...

Flowers! Lucky you! STill buried under snow here.

Looks like all the dogs enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

How nice to see spring flowers in bloom!

Wonderful group shot of all the dogs - seriously how do you get them to wait there for photos? :)

Amy Wood said...

Great pics of everyone! Glad to hear you had some nice weather. Looks like the dogs had a great day.

Vonnie said...

Yes its a lot milder now! Great pics! Looks like their all having a ball :)

Rhoda said...

What great photos, it really made me smile looking at all those happy dogs! :)