Tuesday, April 12, 2011

active puppies keeping me tired

Sonic and Brooke are not very old but they are old enough to keep me on my toes! Puppies at this age don't wake up for long, normally everything went quiet within 20 minutes but my puppies are different. When Sonic is up and playful, Brooke is still asleep; that is quite a good thing, this way, I can pay attention to one puppy at a time; this also means that I have to pay twice as much attentions to them.

It's about time they started to explore different floor surface and the outside world. They have been into the kitchen since yesterday. We have tile flooring in the kitchen, it's actually quite cold and slippery and they are not steady on their feet yet, so they fall down a lot. In the afternoon, they get to go out on the patio to explore the outside world. Mai boy Sonic is quite an adventurous fella, he ventures into the grass area (we have quite a big patio!) and I think he quite like it :) ; while little Brooke prefer sun bathing with mama Samber :)

I just love this photo, mother and daughter, very sweet, sun bathing under the beautiful sky

Both Sonic and Brooke beginning to interact with toys a lot now, Sonic loves to pick up a toy and run and you guess it, he fell down a lot. This big fat fella makes me laugh all the time. I have not seen him "walk" but "run" all the time. He likes to dash here and there, especially through the play tunnels.
On the other hand, Brooke is beginning to pick up a toy and shake it, poor little girlie, the toys are bigger than her and it was so funny to watch her swing the toys. She is a little slower developing compare to Sonic, Sonic has a few teeth peep through now but Brooke still hasn't has any teeth yet so Samber is happy to feed her but not Sonic :)

 Before long, he will run away with a roll of loo roll. I wonder if Andrex would like a puppy sheltie for their new ad?
 learning how to balance himself :)


Diana said...

They are just so cute and look like so much fun!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The puppies are so cute and growing so fast! I love how you raise them and expose them to so many different things at a young age!

Vonnie said...

I am so jealous what a way to spend your day :) Pics are great! Love the one with the both of them Sonic resting his head on Brooke awwwww!

Coco said...

Lovely photo's, glad the pups are enjoying the sun. Brooke??, it doesn't begin with "S". Is it a clue to her new mummy & daddy ?

Sara said...

Such little rolly pollies. LOve them!