Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunny Sunday - glorious weekend!

We had a fantastic weather this week, everyday is a sunny warm day, the dogs get to 2-3 walks/day and swim in the pond :) and they just loved it! Do I miss agility while all my friends text to tell me how well they did at the show? Well, for a change, I would say I enjoyed being at home on the weekend with Colin and the dogs and playing with the pups.

 Congratulations to Sally and Tig. Tig's first KC show on Saturday, off with a flying start, clear in her first agility run and came 3rd in a strong class! Well done Sally and Tig. We are very proud of you two. Daddy Sing and mama Samber send kisses to their little girl xxx

Sunday, we have Matt & Rhoda with Brax and Brodie came to socialise the pups. After our late breakfast, we went out for a good walk in the Common with seven shelties. The boys behaved beautifully, they were so quiet but the two girls, Sipzie and Brax were so noisy :) All the boys, apart from silly Seagull, they were all in the pond swimming enjoying themselves :D Brodie was so cute, he wouldn't come out of the water, a truly water baby :))
just to confuse you, this is Brodie not Sizzle, they look alike A LOT (similar marking) but Brodie is that slightly bigger :)

Sing showing off :D

This is Sizzle swimming alongside Sing
swim like a trooper is Miss Sipzie :))

 Sizzle doesn't like to pose for portrait, he looks pretty miserable. Fetching his favourite rope ball will put a big smile on his face

 Sing showing off again :D
 Sing is getting older and with his injury, I don't throw ball in the mid air for him to fetch everytime but I will do it every now and then to keep him happy.
 He is a happy boy when he is allow to swim and catch ball in the mid air

 Little Miss Sipzie with her orbee
two pocket rockets, mmm ...

 Sizzle: Come on Brax, catch me if you can!

 Sipzie is always Saturn's shadow. She loves handsome Saturn

 right, this is handsome boy Brodie, not Sizzle :)
 Brodie and "big" sister Brax
 solar power Bracken!
handsome Brodie
 Seagull is cheering for everyone that run around like a lunatic

 and here are some puppy photos:
 Mai cheeky Sonic in auntie Rhoda's arm :)

 little sister Brooke in uncle Matthew's arm fast alseep, must be comfy in there :)

 Gotto Zoom ...


Jolanda said...

Great pictures!! Love the ones where Sing is jumping into the water.
And the puppies are soooo cute!

Rhoda said...

We had such a fun time yesterday!! The shelties came home and slept for ages after their exciting day :) Thanks so much for all the puppy hugs too! xx

Diana said...

Great shots!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you had nice days to get out and enjoy. Brodie does look a lot like Sizzle. Very cute! And the puppies are darling!

Vonnie said...

That's what it's all about "fun" they are having a blast! Great pics :)

Priscilla said...

Sounds like a really fun day!

Congrats to Tig and Sally!

The pups are getting cuter and cuter!