Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boyz and pupz

Colin is off work this week so we have been busy taking the boys for some different walks locally to admire some beautiful blossom; we also got to do a lot of gardening, mainly tidy up the garden as well as painting all the garden furniture with the puppies help. Pups love to be out in the garden especially Sonic. He is so bold that he ventures the whole garden on his own and he met the wicked cat at last! Friends who followed my blog knew how much our cat Vindi loves Silky (Sing x Skye pup from October 2010); Vindi only just realised that we have some puppies and she stick around the house more :)

Brooke is a bit taken a back with Vindi's roughness but Sonic like it. The funniest thing was that when both pups saw Vindi for the first time, they immediately ran up to her and tried to find her nipple to suckle! Poor cat got shocked and started to "attack" them but in her gentle way.

We also got to take the pups out to socialise, we went to the local garden centre tea room on Tuesday, as you can guess, they attract a lot of attention :) They both did very well, loved the fuss from people ... last evening, we took the pups to visit our sheltie friend that live around the corner. Sonic went exploring the whole house and played with the shelties happily where Brooke prefers the fuss and fell asleep in uncle Jimmy's arm :) ... more outing for the pups tomorrow. We are hoping to get down to Brighton to visit my in-law tomorrow and they are throwing a Royal Weddig BBQ in the garden, that would be very good socialisation for the pups as there will be some children.

Shamed that Sipzie is in season, so she didn't get to go for walk, so this week is purely the Boyz Days Out :)

and here are some of the pupz:

and here is a little video of Sonic:


Vonnie said...

Just look at Seagull :) Ellie enjoyed watching the video :) Great pics! They all look so :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The boys and the pups are so cute! But of course my favorite photos are the two with Sizzle in the bluebells!

Diana said...

So glad you are having a wonderful week. I love all the pictures!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful pictures of the boys and the pups! Sonic is one active boy and he's SO cute!!! Brooke is a pretty girlie too : )

Nat said...

Sonic is such a cutie! Glad that you've been enjoying yourselves!