Wednesday, April 06, 2011

catching up ...

I was away in Kuala Lumpur for 8 days last week to visit my poorly mum. She hasn't been well. She had three serious strokes in 2 weeks and is very poorly. Her left side is paralysed, she can't talk and is fed with tube. I felt helpless being so far away.

My family has moved to the "new" house designed and built by my late brother Patrick. This is his dream house, or should I call it a Mansion? It is gigantic! I felt very lonely in the big house. There aren't too many members in the family and now with this big house, I struggled to find anybody!

I do enjoyed the big garden though. I wish I have this garden in the UK. We can easily built two and half agility course!!! I missed my boys (and girls and pups) terribly during my stay. I can't wait to get back to them! Luckily during my stay, Priscilla and Eva came to entertain me.
This is the big house, I can't even take the picture of the whole house!
This is my eldest nephew's posh car ... Fair Lady. I had a ride on it, it felt good. 
If I am 20 years younger, I will enjoy more!
 part of the garden
 another part of the garden
 and another part of the garden
 more garden!!

The flight out there wasn't too bad, after my last September trip, I become very nervous about flying. The last three hours was a little bumpy but nothing like the September trip. Coming back was quite eventful. Firstly, I got a seat right behind the Business Class, so I have no room to stretch my legs eventhough I only have short legs. Then, there come the last passenger seated next to me, well not exactly next to me but he was seated on the aisle seat where I seated near the window, so there is this empty seat between us. Unfortunately this guy is big and rude and nasty. He is too big that he cannot use his own table and he has to occupy the empty seat between us to eat and do other stuff! He became rude when I needed to go to toilet but hey, the more you treated me badly, the more I want to go to the toilet, so I basically go to toilet every 2 hours to annoy him!! This is a 13 hours flight, so I must have been to toilet about 5/6 times!

The boys went absolutely banana when they see me come though the door. I guess Sing probably could sense its me at the door, he was howling so badly when I turned the key and Sizzle and Saturn followed. I was showered with shelties love (slobbers, licks, jumping all over me ...) that's what I need! I missed them very much!

Sonic and the little girl surprised me how much they have grown over the last week, especially Sonic, he is a real fatty! When I looked into the puppy box, I can't believe how big he is, more than double the size when I left him. The little girl has grown too, not a lot but a good size. I think she will be dinky little girlie.

The pups are 2.5 weeks now and they beginning to get more active. Sonic is a little bit more advance at this stage, whenever he wakes up, he will cry for attention. He also barks a couple of time and if I tease him, he will bark at me too. Very cute. Oh, he has the waggiest tail too. I don't remember any of the previous pups has the waggy tail like him. Today, the little girl also wag her tail quite a lot when I tried to play with her. The other special thing about this litter is both pups are quite chilled.

 this little girl looks like a little whale :D
Sonic: they told me my daddy is a great swimmer, do you think I should learn how to swim on a dry land?
 little girl exploring
 girl, 2.5 weeks old
 ... and I know how to pose
 wait for me, brother!

 she also learns to bite herself :)
 Mai handsome boy
 a happy mama enjoying the sun today
 puppy life is very tiring
 did you just called me?
 his favourite sleeping pose
 sleepy head
 good night


Coco said...

Glad your back with your pack Lian, have been waiting to see more pictures of the new pups, they are very cute. Unfortunately this time I can't wish for a new little sister.
Glad you got to see your mother.
That house is enormous and such a different design, wishe we could have a garden like that.

Sara said...

Lian, I'm so sorry to hear that your mother has been ill. It must be so difficult to live so far away.

The house Patrick designed is absolutely stunning. The grounds are so lush and green. Beautiful.

The puppies are gorgeous.

ann said...

Beautiful pictures Lian, Samber and pups look wonderful. Will be in touch when I get back from my hols :) xx

Diana said...

Im so sorry about your mom. I wish stuff like this didnt have to happen.

The puppies are sooooo cute!!