Saturday, April 09, 2011

puppies 3 weeks

Where did all the times go? Sing x Samber pups are 3 weeks old today! I wonder being away for 8 days made a big difference? One thing I know, I came back with achy breaky body. I don't know why and how but my whole body was in agony. I won't be able to sit or stand for a few days, even walking the dogs was painful. Each time I took a step forward, my back ache; walking backwards is ok. I knew some people  in the Common looked at me thinking what the hell I was doing walking backwards :( Then, I spent most of the time lying down. At one time, I fell asleep inside the puppy pen, woke up with puppies crawling all over me. Luckily they didn't pee or poo on me :)

I am much better today, at least I can spend sometimes sitting in front of the computer to reply some emails and updating my blog ...
Puppies are doing very well, both continue to putting on weight and the little girl is quite strong and heavy now :) They change all the time, one day, Sonic is more active and little girl is sleepy; the next day, girl is very active and Sonic is laid back ...
this is the cheeky side of her
 she is the first one that explore the world outside the puppy pen
 steady step
 she likes the laptop that makes all funny noises
 her favourite spot outside the puppy pen
 fat boy being laid back
 killing Miss Camel
 not easy to get him to pose
 they prefer to sleep on the newspaper than the posh bed :)
Saturday morning breakfast: scrambled egg, yummy!
 need a wobble exercise after breakfast, and she is balancing very well
 taste of solid food
 posing with Miss Camel
 Saturn loves puppies, the pups like to say hello to their uncle Saturn
 Fat boy Sonic's favourite, he likes to "run" in and out of this cardboard tunnel I made
 about to doze off ...

 here are some videos I took on Wednesday:


Vonnie said...

I'm just gonna say "aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
great pics, great vids :)

Remington said...

Beth here! I think I am in love! Oh for cute!

Nat said...

Ahh, extreme puppy cuteness!! Congrats on another successful litter!

Diana said...

The puppies are soooo cute!! I hope your body gets better soon. I feel for you and the back pain. Ugh! Horrible. Feel better soon.

Priscilla said...

That is a determined little boy you have there! Brooke is also just so adorable and cute with her camel!!!

And we are all in love with Uncle Saturn! He is the SWEETEST!!!