Friday, November 23, 2012

a ray of sunshine

After so many days (I can't count anymore!!) of heavy rain and mini tornado around us, everywhere is flooding and today we have a day full of sunshine! I got everything ready for a long walk with the shelties, mainly balls and camera. Just before we set off for our much desire walk, I trip and fell with my camera on the tile flooring! Damn it! I broke the UV Filter! Grrr ... otherwise my beloved Canon EOS 500D is perfectly ok! All the photos in this post were taken with the broken filter intact :)

Yesterday, the wind was terrible. I am not sure if I should class that as "mini tornado" but it was so strong that no one can get out of the house. The dogs and I nearly got blown off. Windy Ridge certainly lives up to its name! It was quite scary really with the heavy rain as well. Luckily nothing got damage. 

After I broke my UV Filter, I was in quite a bad mood, I love my camera very much. Thank God it still allow me to take some good photos. I would be really gutted if I can't take any photos as I am not sure when we will have another day like today. 

 handsome daddy Sing by the over filled lake. He wanted to go in swimming but I won't let him and he decided to stay there, hahaha ...

 my handsome country boy, all muddy lol

 Shadow the horse came to check on the shelties and is very interested in Sing's bum!

 Sipzie is so happy to be able to running wild again after her puppies have gone

 Sonic, the sheep whisperer. He is so gentle that the sheep thinks he is FUN

 I love this picture, the shelties look so happy running and playing on The Ridge

 Saturn and Sizzle are like two peas in a pot when playing lol

 cute sheep :)

cheeky Sizzle the weasel :)

Love my Saturn, so handsome and happy eventhough he is so muddy  

 Sonic is the hardest to groom when get muddy but he is so happy, who cares about the mud :)

and these two are up to mischief !

when I see this photo, I can see where Tig and Brooke's look from :)

I like this photo, you can see the moon in the picture in the day light and the shelties playing :)

I've got too many photos, I am hoping to upload to a photostream website. Can anyone suggest a good website?


Diana said...

So glad your camera didn't break. What a great sun skinny day!! Awesome pictures.

Rosie Ison said...

Flickr is one of the best photostream sites. From there you can even post to the blog

Priscilla said...

Love all your pictures! Those shelties are so happy and so is their mom!

corbinwooten said...

Great shots! Glad the weather cleared up. Did all the dogs need a bath?

I like Flickr, too.

Vonnie said...

Good to hear you got a nice day! Pics are great! Looks brill I want too place :)