Thursday, November 08, 2012

tricky T'day

... NOT!

I struggled to get Sen to play with a toy! When I am at the other end of the toy. She's obviously loves her toys. She is always looking for a toy to play with; if the other shelties have the toys, she would want to pinch it off them or tug with them; but soon I am in the picture, she let go of the toy. I've posted on the facebook to ask for suggestions and advice. I've tried adding long lead/tuggy/rope at the end of a toy to create a distance and the movement of the toy. She started chasing it but never grab hold of the toy. If I were to make funny noises, she found me far more interested than a toy. Basically, I've tried everything I could. I've even get other people to play with her and the result is the same. Soon, there is a human involved, she will not be interested in the toy. If anyone of you out there have a better idea, I would be greatly appreciated. 

She turns 21 weeks old today. She is a funny little girl. She is a bit crazy and like to pull Sonic's tail too! Poor Sonic, I hope he is going to tell her off as his tail is getting slimmer everyday. She and Sipzie have similar personality, or is that the girls? When go out walking, both girls glue to my legs; but when they play, they play so rough. I tried to let the girls play together and the boys together. Gosh! She and Sipzie both play so rough that the boys try to avoid them.

I have not teach Sen anything yet, not like me, I know! I want her to get confidence and comfortable with her new surrounding before I started to train her. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, so she gets to enjoy her puppyhood :)

One thing though, I can't get her off the hay! She knows she gets treats for standing/sitting for a photo :) Clever girl! This morning, I wanted to take some pictures of Sing but she keeps getting in the way :)

as usual, family photo!

a quick note on Sing ...
I had a very disappointing visit at the vet today! The vet who supposed to do the operation booked us in himself last Friday when we went to see him. After an uneasy day yesterday worried about Sing and purposely sent him in late this morning ... the nurse told me the Vet is not there today. He wasn't sick or anything but he was at the other branch! I was fuming! They suggested other vets can do the operation but I do not need all that rubbish. The vet supposed to be one of the best vets in the country but now I am not sure about it! Sing got booked in to see the vet in London on Monday and maybe with the new vet on Tuesday ... oh, this is getting very complicated! Poor boy! We weight him this morning, from Friday until today, he lost 0.3kg! 


Vonnie said...

That's girls for you LOL! She'll settle down.

Poor Sing, you were stressed enough without all this!

Sara said...

Sen is gorgeous! LOve, love, love her.

I hope everything gets worked out with poor Sing. Sounds like a frustrating day for you.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry about the mess up with the vet. That does not seem right at all! Hope it gets done next week. Sen is so cute - wish I knew a solution on the playing for you.