Thursday, November 22, 2012

country life

... is full of rain and mud at the moment. It hasn't stop raining for 2 days and the weather forecast is more rain to come! Poor dogs didn't get to go out for long walks this week, we only do 2 very short walks just to stretch their legs and a quick toilet trip. The wind is like 100mph, poor Seny nearly got blown off The Ridge! We have 7 very muddy shelties everyday. Actually Sen is not too bad, I wonder is it because she is mainly black and you can't quite see the mud on her but Sonic is the worst! He ran around the field a lot and he don't care about puddles of anything. Saturn is equally bad. Seagull just carefully walk around the field trying to avoid any puddles. If it is too wet, he just stop there and wait for us to come back. Sing, Sizzle and Sipzie aren't too bad at all. 

The shelties are now back to rainy days trick training, I am "secretly" polishing some Obedience Heelwork with Sing and Saturn, I am hoping to compete with these two boys at the ESSC Obedience show, hopefully. Sing and Saturn are both retired from Agility but their minds are still very active and they wanted to do something. I thought Obedience is probably good to keep their mind busy and physically not to strenuous. Watch this space! BTW, Sing and Samber's baby Brooke did very well with her clever handler Matt. Congratulations and very well done to Matt & Brooke!

My country life has got more excited with the sheep around, I love my sherperding duty. Go out walking and checking on the sheep a couple of times a day has build up a good relationship with them. They trust me and the shelties more now. They would not runaway when they see us coming, in fact, some of them get excited and come even closer. 

Here are some photos of the sheep when they are up on The Ridge. I have posted these photos on my Facebook page but for those who are not on Facebook, here are the sheep: 


Vonnie said...

You're just loving being a country bumpkin :) I'm sure Sing & Saturn will be brill!

Priscilla said...

I am so jealous!

You're one good 4-legged kids photographer! Your sheep are gorgeous and they look like they are ready for some show contests : )

Chris and Ricky said...

Looks like an idyllic life - so happy for you guys!

Rhoda said...

The boys will be fab at obedience - ours love it! You should def compete at the show :) x

Briggsi said...

I presume you have given all the sheep names.......perhaps beginning with an 'S'??! Glad to hear you are happily settled in the country.