Monday, November 05, 2012

a very belated Happy Birthday

... to Savannah, Fly and Tye from Sing x Sunny litter. I am very sorry this belated message came so late, these three gorgeous babies turned ONE year old on 30th September. 

Also, a very belated 2nd Happy Birthday to Silky (Sing x Skye 17th October 2010 litter)


Coco said...

Thank you, Lian.
Silky is a very clever, beautiful and pretty girly girl and we love her very much.
Silky has been attending Rosie's class. Silky can be much btter and she was at yours. I know it's me~~.

Vonnie said...

All grown up into gorgeous Shelties

Priscilla said...

Happy Belated Birthday to all the sweeties! Aren't they gorgeous!