Tuesday, November 06, 2012

first frosty walk

Brr ... it's cold out here in the country! It must be minus something this morning when I woke up at 6:30. Our old thermometer still show it is 27c, so it must be too cold that the mercury inside it got frozen, hahaha ... I think we need a new thermometer!

It is so pretty this morning, everywhere I look is a blanket of white stuff. I so wish it is snow but it is just the heavy frost!

this is the view from our bedroom balcony over looking the lakes/pond on the right

 and this one right in front of our bedroom balcony is The Ridge where my shelties studio is :)

beautiful sunrise this morning from the balcony over looking the horse stable/yard on the left

 The KNIGHTs Shelties has to have their group photo taken before they are allow for their walk LOL

Seny is getting good at posing for the group photo :)

Sing's foot is very poorly at the moment. We just can't kick the inflammation away from the poorly paw. All the medication including the very strong steroid cream couldn't help him this time. I've come to the term that amputate the last toe will the only option to help resolve the problem. He is in a lot of discomfort at the moment. He can't stop licking his foot but he is still very strong and tough that wanted to go out walking and playing fetch. I took him to see our new vet last Friday to ask for his opinion. He sounds like a nice vet and he understands agility dogs (phew!); he suggestion is to have a little incision like my previous did last year. He is going to give him a GA; then cut and clean the paw; then take can xRay to see if the amputation is necessary. He is going in for the little op on Thursday, finger crossed for my boy.

Although he is getting very limpy this morning, but he refused to let me carry him all the way. He still enjoy life to full. That's my boy!

these two golden boys made me laugh so much. Sonic is the most tolerate dog in my pack. He plays well with all of them. He just knew how to get them to play with him. This is him teasing Seagull to chase him. 

Oh my lovely Saturn is a true sheepdog. The sheep finally arriving at the Farm last week. We have 150 sheep here at the moment, more to come later. I know Saturn and Sing are my only two shelties that have the herding instinct. I always wanted to give herding a try but I never really put a lot of effort into it, main reason being a lot of people thinks shelties are purely for showing and maybe agility, they are too pretty to work on the farm. Both Sing and Saturn have tried on sheep when they were younger but I never thought they will be still good at it. Saturn has show great interest in the sheep when the first batch arrived early last week. It seems that he just knew what to do. He has been moving the sheep around to different fields, he is gentle yet firm when there are some stubborn one that won't move. I keep forgetting to bring my video camera out to film him moving sheep! This is the first time that I actually took my camera with me, I guess I like the frost :)

 this is Saturn moving the sheep into the further field

 from different angle, he surprised me that he is capable to work with so many sheep at once!

these two are the stubborn ones that would not move with the big group, so Saturn has to come back to move them ...

Saturn is happy now that the two joined the others. Such a great dog!

this is what Saturn do every morning, he likes to move them in two different group and separate them between the lakes/ponds

I really enjoy being a farmer/Shepherdess. I used to scared of sheep and horses but now, they are my best friends! They have so happy to see me every morning. You will be so surprised how friendly the sheep are! I have to start learning their names! Don't laugh! All farmers know all their animals very well! Oh, I used to hate wearing wellies and now I can't go anywhere without them! I started with a pair of croc wellies and they are rubbish when working in the Farm. I now have a good pair and I am loving it! Don't laugh at me when you see me wearing wellies running in the Agility :)

I love my country life so much that I have no time to get on my computer anymore! Sorry if I have not left any comments on friends' blogs but I am still reading my favourite blogs in the evening before I get to bed. 


Priscilla said...

What a beautiful frosty morning!

So sorry to hear that Sing's foot is still poorly. All fingers and paws are crossed for Sing.

150 sheep! Saturn is having so much fun and he is so cool. Oh, my handsome Saturn!!!

So happy for you too, Lian!

Diana said...

You are so lucky. It looks just beautiful. Sending good thoughts with the vet visit.

Rosie Ison said...

You are just the luckiest person I know. I will definitely have to come up for a visit :-)

Vonnie said...

Sorry to hear Sing's foot is still sore. Pawsx for him on Thursday. Wow you have sheep, what next! LOL! Clever Saturn!

Sara said...

Wow, you are living a dream!

Saturn! I'm so proud of you. What a smart boy you are.

Coco said...

I'm sure Silky wants to run around there ALL DAY!!
We are all praying for daddy Sing.

corbinwooten said...

I am so jealous! What a beautiful and exciting life you lead now! And seeing the pictures of Saturn working the sheep made me smile.

I hope you're able to post more about your new home because I really enjoy reading them!

I will be thinking about Sing tomorrow and hope that the incision makes him feel better.