Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am so glad to be home SAFE!

My flight from Singapore to London was eventful, probably a bit too much! It was 5 hours after we took off from Singapore, we were somewhere above India, the plane faced two extremely strong turbulence. We weren't warn of that. The pilot/captain did say in the beginning (before we left Singapore) that they were expecting some bad weather in Thailand but we well passed Thailand! The whole plane was shaking violently the first time and dropped to certain level, before I could put my seat belt on, the second one came too soon and this was a very bad one, the plane must have dropped a few thousands feet and I got thrown off my seat and when landed (back on my seat), I can hear my back go creak! Nearly all the female passengers on the plane were screaming (that including me too)! At that time, I thought to myself, I am dying, the plane is going to crash!

The worst thing was, the pilot/captain never explain what had happened! I was worried with sick all the way, can you imagine for the next 8.5 hours, I was sitting there thinking when is the plane going to crash!I have been flying so many times in my life, long, short, far, close but this is the worst flight in my life and that put me off totally from flying again!

After I landed at Heathrow, have both my feet on the ground, I just broke down and cried! I wanted to get home the fastest I can, so I change my mind from taking a tube to get a taxi. The taxi driver was rude too, he refused to take me as he considered Mitcham is too far but the airport admin made him to send me home. He drove badly, like a lunatic, whizzing around the traffic and stop sudden. That one hour journey really made me sick!

Once, the house door open, I broke down once again! I was so happy to see the shelties and Colin. All the dogs were crazy to see me, Sing was howling with happiness and Sizzle and Saturn never stop licking me! Sipzie and Seagull were jumping all over me, Sing and Samber running round and round in a circle ... I am shower with shelties love! Colin didn't get a chance to get close to me, the dogs push him off!

To sum up my visit, mum is getting livelier but still immobile. I bought a new camera, YEAH! So, I took the dogs out to the Common yesterday and tried my new camera ...
Sing diving

these photos also taken with my new camera when I was in Malaysia
this is the beautiful Eva

this is Seagull, my nephew's new pup, she was named after our Seagull

this is Titan, litter brother to Seagull, also named after our Titan.

Seagull and Titan. Reason my nephew named these two dogs after mine is because he is in love with them

this is my mum's dog, Johnson


Diana said...

What a horrible flight. I hate flying and always wear my seatbelt because of unexpected turbulance. Im so glad you finally made it home and a happy with your puppies. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you made it back home safely after that scary flight! Mom hates to fly too. I love all the photos with your new camera - esp. your new header photo! You always get such great group shots of the Shelties!

Priscilla said...

And we're missing you, Lian...

Vonnie said...

Poor you, hope your ok now! nothing better to make you fell better than a sheltie wash :) Nice you bto to meet Eva too! Your nephews dogs look full of fun :) Your mum's looks very regal, if you know what I mean! Your home :)

Vonnie said...

BTW love your picture at the top! :)

GLADYS said...

I love how shelties running, green background matches them the best. :)