Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a big time catching up ... part 3 - Summer Open Show

I am nearly there ... Summer Open show was a disaster show for me. I wanted to do well as this is the DFS Crufts qualifier but again, nothing goes my way! First, the boys, Saturn and Sizzle in particular were bad, they became very "bitching". We had a very nice girl came to stay to mate to Sing and I think her stay with us had upset Sizzle and Saturn. I don't know why but this is not the first time I have girls in season in the house, we have Gem (Zap's mama), Samber and Skye in season, we sailed through peacefully but definitely not this time.

We had a nice camping spot, thanks to Ian and Eleanor. Being on my own on Friday to run the boys, having camp close to the rings is a big advantage. Friday proved to be a real disaster. Saturn lost his mind in the Small/Mixi pairs. He ran off the ring and I could not get his attention back at all. How much I wish the ground would open up and swallow me in! That's us losing our points for the qualifier. I cannot say sorry enough to Matt and Brax who put in a fantastic round!
Eventhough Sizzle's level of concentration was very low but at least he stayed in the ring and ran the full course for me, just not his usual speed.

Sing also did one stupid round, he did a beautiful round and just at the 3rd from last jump, he lost his attention and that's it! Arrrggghhh ...

So much of having boys!! BUT, I do love them! They need more training!!
Luckily we have another Small/Mixi pairs on Sunday to make it up, if Saturn listen ... and he did, he ran beautifully on the fast course and we were placed 9th in the pairs:
Sizzle and Smo pairs got a 8th on Friday but I managed a stupid mistake after Sizzle ran clear on Sunday, I didn't catch him quick enough and he took the big jump with Smo that cost us an elimination:

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Vonnie said...

Great rounds! How fast is Smo's weave wow! Sizzle flying as usual!