Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a big time catching up ... part 1 - KC Festival

We were back and off again and now back but will be soon off again! Agility Rule! Now, I am trying to catch up ...

Let's start with 

I managed to persuade Colin to take 10 days off work, so we can go to KC Festival then off to DiNAS like most of the agility folks do. This is the first time ever I did agility more than 3 days! We left home on early Thursday morning to begin our agility adventure. The weather wasn't too kind to us but we got the awning up before it got very wet. I am so glad that I insist we bring the awning that gave us the extra living space in the wet muddy condition.

The weather at the KC Festival was bad, especially on Saturday, we had thunder and lightning, one of our agility friends' BC got spook by the thunder and ran 8 miles, thank God he was found safe and sound the next day!

Results wise, good and bad. I was hoping to do well with Sizzle, at least to get him qualified into the semi-final in the main arena but nothing goes as planned. Do I have to be surprised? Nope! He was working very well in the wet and muddy condition, the contacts were slippery and he was soaking wet all the time! I misjudged the jump to the A Frame in our British Open Agility Qualifier round, so we got a big fat e'd! I was very disappointed with myself! 

Also, in a couple of 6-7 agility courses, where there were tunnel underneath the DW, Sizzle was confused and he took the tunnel instead of the DW. I am not sure if my body language has sent him to take the wrong obstacle. He was pretty good at obstacle discrimination but at this occasion, we lost out! 

Sing and Saturn surprised me, I only entered Sing in the British Open on Friday and he ran clear in both qualifier rounds, so do Saturn. I was hoping at least one of them make it through to the main arena as I love running in the main arena. When the results were posted, I was happy that Saturn made it to the semi -final and also very disappointed to see Sing wasn't in the semi-final.

I went to question the Officers about the qualification and no one give me the answer I want. I was furious about their inconsistency and unable to satisfy me with their answer. In the British Open Cup schedule, one of the rule said:
A dog eliminated in either round of the British Open will not be eligible for the Semi-Final
Sing ran clear in both rounds and his accumulate points are higher than the dog who got eliminated in the Jumping round but the dog went through to the semi-final whilst Sing is not eligible to run in the semi-final! I am not really that bother if Sing didn't get to run in the semi-final but I felt cheated on what is on the schedule!!!

Saturn was a little naughty for the last few weekends, he seems to drifted away while competing in the ring. I don't really know why as this is the first time I have problem with him concentrating on me. At a couple of runs at the KC Festival, he started well and then shifted his attention, he almost ran out the ring in which one he was in the main arena. I tried to get his attention back but he wasn't really interested in the course and we went wrong and got eliminated in the semi-final.
I am very proud of my boys though, KC Festival is enormous. To be able to earn a place on the podium is a great achievement to me!

this is Sizzle and me together with Roger & Troy (sheltie) and Michèle & Pidou (poodle) from Netherlands to form the Rest of The World Small Team at the Nation Cup. We won the Agility round.

this is Sing and me together with Karen and her BC and Jenni & Juice (not in the picture but Juice is a cocker spaniel) to form the Rest of The World Medium Team 3 at the Nation Cup , we got 2nd in the Jumping round

Sizzle and sister Ellie at KC Festival

a very tired Sizzle at KC Festival, spent most of the time stuck indoor in the pouring rain!

Due to the very wet condition, we didn't get most of the runs on the video but this is Sizzle in the ROW:

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Vonnie said...

Yip, a BIG well done! You, Sing, Saturn & Sizzle did really well! I see Sizzle found his scottish routes ;)