Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a big time catching up ... part 4 - home sweet home

We didn't do the Monday of Summer Open Show, so we got home late on Sunday night, we just wanted a relaxing day before the week start again. Colin had a sore toe after DiNAS, that toe causing him in a lot of pain, as usual, the GP only prescribed him with anti-biotic. He has finished his anti-biotic but still not any better, so off he went to see the doctor again yesterday, you are right! More anti-biotic! The doctor can't be sure what cause the sore toe! He is still limping very much, so he wasn't much of a help at Summer Open Show. I need to take the dogs for walks and running and setting up the caravan, unpacking the caravan, fetching water ... oh dear!

Having Monday at home is what we all needed. We had a good lie in, bliss! Then, I took the dogs for a good walk in the Common, the sun was shinning, so I had to ring Colin at home to bring the camera to me so I can take some photos of the dogs.

I know I am bias but he is so handsome

I love these action shots:
my beautiful Sipzie

Saturn is ashamed of his behaviour on the weekend

such a happy boy, don't mind is a bit too windy, always looks gorgeous

Seagull and his niece Sunny

 a happy family

Saturn said: I will look after you, little one.

you can't be crossed with this little face!

who needs a hot water bottle? Well, we may need a bigger bed!!


Diana said...

Very nice pictures. I hope Colin's toe gets better. Diana

Priscilla said...

What an adventure you all had with the shelties!!!

Must be great seeing the family again :)
I just love that picture of all of them on the bed!

Dawn said...

oh my! You need a MUCH bigger bed!

Vonnie said...

Awww what lovely pics! Sunnie is gorgeous, sweet little face! Great pics! Love the one of Sizzle running! :)