Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a big time catching up ... part 2 - DiNAS

So, we move on to Dogs In Need from KC Festival ...

This is the first time I have done DiNAS, gosh! It is such a relaxing show that I missed most of my classes! I was very good in keeping up on the first day, Tuesday. I've ran Sizzle in his two individual classes and the Jumping pair with Ziga; then ran Saturn's Jumping, it was about 10:30am, guess what? I fell asleep and didn't get to run his agility! Duh!

It is such a relaxing show and where we camp wasn't far from the rings. I was very tired from KC Festival, all the stressed and the rain, so I didn't really "wake up" at DiNAS. I took it as holiday so I ran whenever I can. Sizzle and Saturn were running well. Saturn was good enough to concentrate, I did worked hard to get him focus on me though.

Unfortunately I didn't do well in the Champ with Sizzle, I was worried. Sizzle fell off the DW on Wednesday and we had a day off on Thursday, so I wasn't sure how he would react to the DW in the same ring and almost the same position. We got eliminated before the DW so I moved all my attention to get him up the DW, he was a good boy, the DW didn't worry him at all and he was on his full speed on the DW, Phew!

The highlight of the week was Sing x Samber pups reunion. We have all the pups and their parents turned up at 10am on Thursday. We had a good time catching up. All the pups are lovely, I finally got to see Sadie, I haven't seen her since she left me at 8 weeks old. She is a little darling, very sweet little girl. I am so proud of them all.

sweet Sadie

the Family

our walk

and yes, we got to see Ronin again! He is Sipzie's litter brother that lives in the Netherlands. His owner Marc and Linda were at DiNAS competing with their shelties Yade and Reveh. Both handlers and shelties did extremely well, they won a lot of rosettes and trophies! Next year, it would be Ronin and Sipzie time! WooHoo! Can't wait!!

I think Ronin is in love with Skye, these two are inseparable, the play and play and play ...

sorry one missing, Tig and mum went out for the day!

here are some of our runs, Sizzle @ G7 Jumping:
Sizzle @ G7 Agility:
Saturn & Smo Jumping pairs:

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