Monday, September 06, 2010

just a quick post ...

... I am off to Malaysia to visit my mum tonight, she has been poorly and I think she needs me to cheer her up! It is so hard to leave the boys and girls at home, I know who will miss me the most!! It is heart breaking that each time I left even just for a day or two, I was told that Sing will sit by the front door howling :( Hopefully he feels safe with daddy this time.
Agility wise, I took the dogs and the caravan to Letchworth last Thursday, I always like Letchworth show, I like it when you can take your dogs for a good walk after a day of agility. Many shows only have a small exercise area but Letchworth venue is at the lovely Huntingdon Racecourse

I've got a big surprised on Thursday night, I was told that someone has dropped out on the KC Olympia Semi-Final and Sizzle is the next one in. Well, I was shaking in excitement and at the same time feel nervous about it. We need to be at the Semi-Final on Friday afternoon. Oh My God! I haven't even prepare! And that gave me a sleepless night!

I was very excited on Friday, luckily all Sizzle's classes were on first thing in the morning, so I get to practice before I go. Sizzle was a very good boy, he got placed in all his three classes, that gave me confidence to go to the Semi.
The Semi-Final was held at the Kennel Club at Stoneleigh Park. That is a big place! We have a warm up run and the real Semi-Final. Many of the dogs didn't do the warm up but I did, I was so nervous and I need to calm myself down by running. It was a challenging course with a tricky weave entry, unfortunately Sizzle missed the cloth tunnel and struggled with the weave entry, we got faults on that! 

Then, the Semi-Final course was another challenging one, my nerve is kicking me all the time and I messed up with Sizzle in the Semi to get him eliminated! So, NO Final for us. We have to try harder next year! I was very pleased with Sizzle, he was a fantastic boy, he always tried so hard for me and he was fast too! Shamed about the handler!
this is Sizzle's Olympia run:

At Letchworth, my agility result went downhill after my Semi. I am easily distracted by my emotional. I couldn't gather my thought after my terrible run at the Semi and that affected my performance and of course my boys felt my nerve and we weren't any good.

Luckily, I managed to "settle" on Sunday and we got better!
this is Bracken and Saturn's Jumping Pairs, we won that by 2 seconds!!


Sara said...

Have a safe trip Lian. I hope your Mom's health improves upon your arrival.

Congratulations on your runs.

Priscilla said...

Can't wait to see you soon, Lian!!!

Diana said...

I hope you have a nice trip to see your mom. I thought your run with Sizzle was very nice. I only saw that one mistake. I wouldnt consider that a disaster. Congrats on your pairs run. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hope you have a safe trip and a good visit with your mom and that her health improves quickly.

Vonnie said...

Have a safe and enjoable trip! Great you got to experience the semis, that's you warmed up for next year :) Quite a few traps there! Great run in the pairs well done on the win!