Monday, October 18, 2010

... continue from yesterday SAD Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, our beautiful girl Skye gave birth to two tri colour pups. It was a very stressful birth for her. She is s first time mum and poor girlie just don't know how to handle herself. She became restless at 7am but her first contraction wasn't until 3:25pm. All I could do was to offer the comfort to her.

The first pup, a gorgeous tri colour boy was still born. It is very sad for us. The part I hate about breeding is to lose a pup. I am a very emotional kind of person, losing the beautiful boy nearly take everything out of me! The second pup, another gorgeous tri colour girl came so quickly after the boy. She took my attention away from the boy.

I had a restless and sleepless night, a lot of people say to me, now you can go to sleep but that is not true. For the next few days, I have to make myself alert all the time to watch the pup, make sure she is suckling and also make sure didn't squash her by mistake.

So far, baby girl is suckling well and mama Skye has learned not to squash her. I cannot believe how clumsy a mother can be. I recall Gem and Samber were the same. I think they tried to protect their babies but didn't know they could easily squash them.
this is the tri colour girl, born 4.6oz

 after a long stressful day, Skye finally close her eyes and rest for one minute!

We have named the still born boy HEAVEN. Colin named him really. I was planning to keep a boy from this litter and already named him Licosateria Mai Dark Prince (if he is a sable) or Mai Black Prince (if he is a tri), and pet name would be PRINCE (yes, I am running out of "S" names!!!). Sadly, he was taken away from me. He will forever remembered by us as Licosateria Mai Heavenly Prince. RIP Heaven!



Rosie Ison said...

So sad Lian. But at least the little girl is thriving. :-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor little tri-boy but thank goodness Skye and her little girl are ok....

Vicki said...

poor little one =( RIP Heaven x

Are you going to keep the girl now?

Vonnie said...

So sad :( The little girl looks like she knows what to do! Poor Skye, getting a long deserved rest.