Tuesday, October 12, 2010

beginning of the shelties holiday ... How to teach a sheltie to SWIM

This past weekend is our very first weekend that we devoted all our time to the dogs! Last weekend, even there was no agility but we tried to catch up with family and friends that we haven't seen since the agility season begun. The dogs were loving it! We have a special friend Rosie, Eva's little master for a sleepover, Sunny and her found something special in each other!

We collected Ros from her school on Saturday afternoon and went for a good walk in Oxshott Common. Then, on Sunday morning, we took all of them to Mitcham Common. It was a glorious sunny morning, good day to be out and about with my new camera! 

With the weather like this, I really have no excuse to stop Sing diving into the water! He loves his water and tennis ball. I have never seen a sheltie like him and I never thought I will ever have another  one just like him, he is a fish in disguise! What makes a happy Sing? Tennis ball and Swim!

Sing is always a good example to teach my other shelties to swim. He is so keen and eager when he sees water, nothing could stop him, really. All these years, he had taught Saturn and Sizzle to swim but they are not like him that will dive into the water. Saturn hardly swim in the open water but he is very keen when we go to the hydro pool, he then will dive just like Sing. Sizzle is very gentle, well, I thought he looks like an alligator when he swims. He moves gently into the water and swim.

Colin was with us, so we have all the dogs out all together, the girls are crazy and mad. We have to put them on the lead to let them watch Sing and Sizzle swim for a while, if not, they will try to bite/friendly attack them. Such a different between boys and girls!!!

One thing I never expect is to get Sunny to swim!

 here, she is watching with excitement on the lead
 the alligator

... and here she comes ...
 Loch Ness Sunny monster!!

 Sunny: this looks so much fun, what 'ya doing brother?

 little Miss Bully Sunny:  I want that thing in your mouth!

 Sunny: I can pinch yours!
Sing: Don't you dare, kid!

 Go get it then!

 Sizzle: what is she doing?

Sizzle: stupid girl, you've just swam pass it!!!

 Sunny: I am not stupid, I'd just enjoyed my swim, it feels good!

after swim, drying up time ...
 nearly dry ... that is so much fun, can we do that again, mummy?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I just love how your Shelties enjoy swimming so much! I wonder if Sing would inspire me to swim too if I were there?

It is so great that you had Rosie for a visit - what a nice break for her from school!

Priscilla said...

I love your new header. All of them are happy and smiling but Sizzle looks a bit grumpy there!!!

It's really amazing to see how Sing catches the tennis and dives into the water. He's a very special boy.

Sunny is SO sweet!!!

Diana said...

Im so jealous. I wish my shelites just jumped in a swam. They only swim if I make them. Diana

Vonnie said...

Samber has a huge smile on the big pic :) Sunny wow, gorgeous girl and clever! The boys are loving it!