Sunday, October 17, 2010

Senseless Sunday

I thought having a break from agility means we will have relaxing weekends but so far we have a few "exciting" weekends already. This morning, I thought Skye's puppies are coming, she beginning to look restless, wasn't that interested in her food, temperature drop and nesting ... I am getting so excited because I have been up and ready for the last 7 days, I am running out of my patient.

Well, I guess she is testing out my patient, so I decided to take her for a walk up and down the garden. She was pacing slowly in the garden ... then I heard some rustling noise on the willow tree, I thought it must be the squirrel. When I look up, I saw our cat from hell staring into my eyes and said: HELP ME DOWN!

Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking, I was more worried about Skye then in her but my instinct told me I need to get her down from the willow tree. She was meowing in distress! So, I screamed at Colin who enjoying his lovely Sunday Toast for help.

But, Vindi still wouldn't come down, we have tried to put the Dog Walk plank for her but she just climb higher and higher!!!

Doesn't she looks so cute? Don't fool by her look, she is a cat from hell!!

Then, we need my nephew Boon to help, he is younger and fitter to climb up the ladder ...

 what do you think the cat thinks? She thought: are we having a game on the tree, M E O W!

At the end, the men gave up in rescuing the poor cat, I felt really sorry for her and I hate to hear her meowing in distress but I am not going to climb up the tree to rescue her. I decided to use the "shelties" way to get her down! I know how much she loves Sipzie and Sunny, Sipzie in particular, so I first got Sipzie out to get her down, she made a move but not quite make it, so I have to get Sunny out, she looked at her and hang back. Then, I ran out of patient, so I have all of them out playing in the garden happily. She got so jealous to see the shelties running around ... then she made a BIG move, she got down from the steep bit; I knew if I have more patient, she will eventually climb all the way down by herself but I haven't got that patient, have I? I decided to climb up the ladder bravely to get her down. Phew! Rescue successful!!


Diana said...

Cats can drive you crazy. She does look cute. Good thing she likes those dogs. LOL Diana

Christine said...

Oh gosh, what a drama. Glad it all turned out ok

Vonnie said...

Oh dear a nice peaceful Sunday morning then LOL!