Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy "holiday"!!

Yipeeeeee! Mummy said no more agility, we are on holiday!!!

My agility has come to an end this season, our last agility show was at Suffolk 5 Rivers last weekend. We were lucky to camp close to the ring as I was helping and running three dogs plus we have ALL the shelties in the caravan. My shelties are famous for escaping from the camping area, Saturn, Sizzle and Sipzie are to FIND me and Samber being a very friendly little girl, will jump over the garden fence to follow anyone that make a fuss of her!

The weather was a bit too much that weekend, it was very windy of Saturday, rain only came in after lunch, so I have to do the Medium Jumping in the rain with Sing and Saturn! Then, the rain won't go away, it got stormy and heavy rain over night. Sunday was wet wet wet! It was our last camping trip for the year, so I decided not to bring the awning, and the 10 (8 shelties + 2 humans) of us have to clamp into our tiny caravan!! I have no complain as we all can keep warm together! Not really, the shelties were all very damp!!

Agility wise, I was rusty, especially with Sizzle. Is either he got faster or I got slower! He was a good boy but we didn't manage a clear round, there is always one mistake, either I called him off too early to get a refusal or he did extra jump or he got mark on the DW once!!! We have a lot to practice this winter! Look like we are going back to foundation again!
 Sizzle - Saturday, G4-7 Jumping:
Sizzle - Sunday, G4-7 Agility:
Saturn was wild! Since we have a girl came to stay to mate to Sing in August, his mind totally got blown off. The funny thing is he isn't fancy Roumah, we saw Roumah at shows but Saturn wasn't keen on her. At many times, he actually drifted away from the ring and looking for bitches! I really got annoy with him sometimes. He messed up two important classes, the mini/mixi pairs qualifiers for Crufts. I don't mind if he messed up an individual classes, as I can treat it as a training round but I hate letting my partner down! I never thought Saturn will react like this. We had Gem, Samber and Skye in season before and he was absolutely fine with them, why now? Sipzie is in season at the moment, I have taking this opportunity to train him with Sipzie around and he was as good as gold. I really need to crack this problem as I do not want this to happen again in the ring! When he was good, he either win the class or getting a good place in the class!

Saturn - Sunday, G4-7 Jumping, 2nd place:
I decided to run Sing because our ESSC Medium Team has qualified for Crufts and this is our last open show before Crufts. I'd like to run him just to practice his contacts and get him going. He did an Agility and a Jumping on Saturday and an Agility on Sunday, that is a lot for him as I normally did one class a day with him. He was good that get place in both Agility classes but he knocked a bar in the Jumping on Saturday. It was a tough course, many dogs got eliminated and there were not many clear either! Shamed about the pole but nevermind. I pulled Saturn too early in that Jumping so he got eliminated!

 Sing - Sunday, G4-7 Agility:
The highlight of the weekend was to get to run Disney, NO, Disney is not a sheltie, he is a Collie x Poodle! When I first started training at Pachesham with Sing, I always admire some dogs but Disney is in particular. He is highly driven and very toy motivated. He is so clever as well, he did a lot of media work and I remembered he was the dog on Baker's dog food packet too! Then, lots of thing has changed and we went into different classes and I stop training Sing due to his injury. I haven't seen Disney for at least a couple of years and I have never train him before but he is a friendly dog. When Rosie asked me if I would like to run him, I was so happy that I of course said YES. Getting to run Disney is always my dream and I am so glad my dream finally come true! And Disney is TWELVE! We weren't sure if he is going to stay in the ring for me but I am going to try hard, here is the video:
 me and Disney in C4-7 Tunnel Terror:
We got a messy clear but I was so pleased that he stayed in the ring with me eventhough he tried to look for his mum a couple of times! I ran Saturn and Sizzle over the same course and I made the same mistake with the two of them!!! They went into the wrong end of the tunnel of the first tunnel!!

We had a relaxing weekend at home, although I spent most of the time on the computer watching the  livestream World Champ in Germany. All the British handlers were fabulous, we are so proud of them! There were so many shelties and they are all very good. Bernadette and Zen were fantastic!

I managed to take the dogs out for a good walk when the large dogs were running. Luckily the sun was shinning a bit when we were out, so I can try out my new camera. Sipzie was very upset that she cannot join the boys in the Common but we took her out on her own to the local park, then we made it up to take her to visit Colin's parents in the evening. She loves all the fuss and all the attentions!

 here are some photos taken with my new camera :)
 I am elegant even with my eyes close

little wild kid tried to get into the old man's way!!

Seagull: Don't worry brother, I will chase her off!

new way of catching a ball?

my little ray of sunshine

Sizzle: are you talking about me?

only tennis ball makes him happy
always a daddy's boy


Diana said...

Hard to believe Disney is 12. What a happy dog with lots of spunk. Love all the pictures. Im glad you had a nice weekend. Diana

Priscilla said...

Yay, Happy Holiday!!!

Those beautiful pictures make me want to have your camera now!!!

Sara said...

I really enjoyed watching all your runs! Loved the big numbers they used to number the courses. I wish they'd use those here!

Enjoy your holiday!

Hooch n Troops said...

Fab photos Lian...what happens to all your old cameras??? lol

Love the photo of Colin he looks like he is off out to chop a tree down! hee hee


Vonnie said...

Nice to rest up and recharge for next season! Wow can't believe that dog is 12!

Great Pics :)