Wednesday, October 13, 2010

shelties on holiday ... Oxshott Common walk

The shelties are spoil with some great walks recently ... the weather was brilliant on Monday, lovely sunny breezy afternoon, a good opportunity to test out my new camera again! After Sipzie's puppy training at Pachesham, we stop by at Oxshott Common for a good walk. We have "loonie" Skye (Sing x Samber) staying with us for a little while.

here are some photos from the walk:
Sizzle, Skye, Sing, Sipzie, Saturn

loonie Skye and Sipzie were having so much fun for the entire walk!! These two are crazy, they have been running around and round and round ...

 my beautiful young lady

my gorgeous boy

Sipzie has become Sing's shadow, she follows him everywhere he goes ...

Poor Sizzle is very miserable, he does not like the crazy girls. Having Sunny and loonie Skye playing all day in and out the house, the boys are getting very fed-up and trying to avoid these two mad ones! Sipzie joins in occasionally but she is a sensible one, she will stop when she thinks it is time to stop but Sunny and loonie Skye has no stop switch! Oh yes, Sunny does get tired but loonie Skye still goes on ... she sleeps well at night though! I am tired just watching them play!!
 miserable boy

  a lot of friends mistaken this as Samber, NOPE! She is the loonie mad ones! She looks more like her daddy than her mama now!
 father and daughter sharing the big smiles :-)

 she has a big smile just like her daddy

 goodness me, it is not easy to take a good picture of her standing still

 she is always on the go ... all the time!!

 finally feeling tired at night


Jolanda said...

Oh dear, little loonie. At home she's not that mad. She must really enjoy herself with all your boys and girls.

Priscilla said...

Beautiful pictures again!!!

Loonie Skye looks so much like her daddy. Look at their big smiley face.

Poor Sizzle still wasn't happy there. I think the girls really drive him up the wall. Hope to see his sweet smile again soon!

Vonnie said...

Look at all those :) Shelties! I thought she was Samber too, I think she is so like her! C'mon Sizzle give those girls a run! :)