Sunday, May 01, 2011

pups 6 week-old

We have been very busy in the last few days. I thought with Colin off work at home, he can help me puppy watch so I can get to do something, unfortunately not. We were busy all the time, spending  most of the time in the garden and the pups just loved being outdoor, especially Sonic. He can go on and on running around in the garden, up to mischief! He gave me TWICE heart attack yesterday. I was doing something and watch Matt played with Brooke, the next minute, I realised I can't see Sonic. I was looking everywhere for him and started to get panic as I cannot see him anywhere, then I saw him sitting on the up plank of the Dog Walk, he was at the border between the up plank and the middle plank, you can see how far he has gone! My heart sank and I DASH (I really mean it), all the dogs thought something was on, so they were dashing, that probably upset Sonic and he decided to jump off. OMG! I think Super Sonic needs a Super mummy, I caught him in time, I can feel both our heartbeat! You can ask Matt about it! Then, later in the evening, we were down at the end of the garden doing something, he was up on the see-saw and just as the see-saw tip, I GOT him! Phew! Now, all the planks are down for safety reason!!!!!!! Goodness me, he is probably the MOST naughty puppy I've bred so far!!!
 6 weeks old yesterday, you can see from the picture, Sonic never stays still for half a second, always up for something. To have this picture taken, I have to suffer him chewing my tumb :(((( And Brooke is such a sweetheart! Calm, gentle and sensible ... NOT! Don't fool by her innocent look in the pictures!
 they do love me, very much :))

We had a grand day out to Brighton on Friday, the road was clear as everybody is watching the Royal Wedding :) The journey was so smooth both ways, I hope everyday is like that. We all had a great day at Colin's parents. We have Colin's nephews Dan, Matty & Toby help socialising the puppies. Both Sonic and Brooke were very good, they were so well behaved and are not worried at all. They have been exploring everywhere and playing with Vanessa's whippet Honey. I can't believe how well they handled a new place, new people and new surrounding. We sat in the garden most of the time so they have been toilet in the garden as well. All in all, PERFECT day for puppies and everyone! I am so proud of these two little hooligans.

 I have taken tons of photos and they are all good, I can only pick so many :(
and here are some from our Brighton Day Out:
 very pretty Miss Brooke
 Colin's nephew, little Matty likes Brooke a lot and he has been carrying her around everywhere he goes ...
 no problem playing toys anywhere
 this is Colin's eldest nephew Dan, he is a real gentlemen, very calm for his age, helping socialising the puppies
 Matty and his Brooke :))
 this is a very tired Brooke shedding underneath Colin's legs
 Brooke enjoying her day out
 the family sitting out in the lawn
 Honey, the whippet licking Brooke
 sleepy Colin and sleepy puppies :)
 two hooligans ...
 ... up to no good :)
 Samber was so happy to be able to get out from the house :) I think she has enough of the puppies
 Sing: that's my tennis ball, son?
 Sizzle and Dan. Sizzle loves the kids

 Sonic is so bold that he even tried to tell Honey off, it was so cute to watch. He has met a few other dogs this week and he seems to be a real brave boy!
 the first rule of staying in The KNIGHTs Shelties ... the favourite trick ... SHY
 leap of faith? is he going to be good at agility?
 he is getting cheekier all the time ...
 and to be my daddy's boy, I need to grow the ears like him!
 he is so bouncy like Samber!
 well, they told me, if I want to be like my daddy, the first thing I need to learn is to play with a tennis ball.

these are taken at home yesterday:

 Brooke bullying the cat :)
 cheeky Brooke
 daddy Colin playing tug with Sonic :)
 oh! Uncle Saturn loves Brooke :)))
 poor cat now has two hooligans bullying her :)
 Brooke: That's my toy!
 Brooke: I meant it!
 Sonic and Vindi, head to head!
 what did he up to?
 mmm ... I don't think daddy needs help with his gardening :(
 poor Seagull now has to live up with another mad puppy!!!

 and this is from Colin's parents garden, Sonic loves the steps and he has been running up and down:


Priscilla said...

Puppies are so beautiful! Brooke is a pretty girlie and Sonic is so adorable. Sonic has his daddy's agility blood and he proved it well by going up to the dogwalk and see-saw!
What a great outing you all had, the pictures are gorgeous.
Those happy puppy pictures made me want some puppies now, Lian :(

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sonic is going to be an agility super-star! Look at him go!

I love all these pictures!

Vonnie said...

Ha Ha Ha those pics speak volumes LOL!

Sara said...

Your puppies are precious, and how nice that all the dogs and kids got along so well.

Nat said...

That video is SO cute! And so are all of the photos; this blog post is just about erupting with cuteness :)

Diana said...

The puppies are looking great. I can see how it can be soooo time consuming.
Wow that must have been scary with Sonic. You must be super women to catch him!! I still have big orange cones on all my equipment to keep Miley off.

Jenna Caloander said...

Awwww, so CUTE!!!! :) :)