Thursday, October 27, 2011

8th International Sheltie Agility Show

We are off to the 8th International Sheltie Agility Show in Belgium in less than 24 hours time! Phew! The dogs are not ready and I am not ready! They have not done much training, especially Sipzie, so we will see what she will do when she goes back to her homeland and see her breeder Miguel. One thing I am sure is she will go bananas when she sees him and trust me, I may not be able to bring her back LOL.

We haven't done much training due to puppies and me being under the weather; luckily, we went to Toni Dawkin's Training Day last Saturday, so at least both dogs had done a little bit of running and I've got to learn the "European Turn" which I wanted to learn for ages. Thanks Toni for a great training day!

I spent 3/4 of the times training Sipzie and only took Sizzle out for the last sequence, so I wanted to try to practice that "european turn" with Sizzle in the garden, sadly the weather didn't help, so hopefully next year, I get to put in some "european turn" in my runs.

We only take Sizzle and Sipzie with us, so the others and the puppies are staying. They are in good hand while we are away. Great Thanks to Ann for looking after them!


ann said...

Good luck Lian,safe journey and make sure you enjoy yourself. The dogs and pups will be fine but I can't guarantee they will all be there when you get home :) :) xx

Diana said...

Have a great time!

Vonnie said...

Enjoy, good luck and have a safe journey!