Tuesday, October 11, 2011

catching up on some agility news ... Dundee

We haven't done any agility (training or competition) since my mum passed away, I am just not up to it. I only just returned to my weekly training two weeks ago and I realised how much I missed doing agility with my dogs. The first week I returned to training, things didn't ran well, I wasn't concentrating and both Sizzle and Sipzie didn't understand what I want. I feel really sorry for them. I determined to go back to my routine and I tried hard. Last week, I was so much better, I handled the dogs well and I determined to train hard this winter for a much better season next year.

I was looking back some videos, hopefully they will inspired me ...

Here are some from Dundee, this was Sizzle last Champ class of the year as I missed Chippenham. I can't leave Sing at home or in the hot car that weekend after his surgery, so I decided we will stay at home and chilled. 

I didn't do very well at Dundee, I got ill from the last day of our Scottish holiday. By the time we got to Dundee on Friday, I was very sick. I fell over seven times over the weekend, I just can't get my feet on the ground. The Champ was on Sunday and I make sure I save up my energy for that. 

This is the Champ Agility, we got 5 faults on the very naughty see-saw:

Luckily, Sizzle got a good place in the Champ Jumping, 2nd place to give us a chance in the Final:
Final? I messed it up big time! All the dogs before us ran clear and I determined to go clear and fast but I am just not experienced in handling the course. I over look the jump after the cloth tunnel/chute. And I never thought if I am not ahead of him, he will take the wrong jump to cost us elimination! I was really gutted as before the elimination, his time was good enough and a couple of seconds faster that the fastest time then. Oh well!

Oh, what can I say about Little Miss Sipzie? She was on fire in Scotland, apart from the time she missed her Dog Walk contact, she won all her classes :D

Sipzie - Saturday Graded 1-4 Agility:

Sipzie - Saturday Combined 1-4 Jumping:

Sipzie - Saturday Combined 1-4 Agility:

Sipzie - Sunday Graded 1-4 Agility:

Sipzie - Sunday Combined 1-4 Jumping:

Sipzie - Sunday Combined 1-4 Agility:

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Vonnie said...

Those Sheltie's know where they orginate! Ms Sipzie was on fire! I was gutted for Sizzle as it was a great run.