Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Pups are 3.5 weeks already! They are getting more active when awake and they now they form a pattern. Two pups asleep and one pup awake! Mmm ... so I am even more busier! All the pups are quite forward. Each time I let them out of the puppy pen, they go explore further! They jump over the puppy gate (the lower bar), so you can see they are quite an agile pup, and off they ran into the other room ... so I am constantly chasing puppies ...

so, this is the Big girl who we called Sooty but her new daddy is naming her FLY
 she is very cheeky fat girl and she has a lot of attitude and she loves her toys ...

and here is a little video clip of Fly killing Mr Duck:

Oh, puppies teeth are growing ... so it's about time to introduce some solid food. Here is Scamble breakfast for the little ones ... they really like them and to my surprised, they finished it all between them!

It's sunny and warm this afternoon, so they pups get to go on the patio for the first time for quick 5 minutes. The sun didn't stay very long, so I took them in quick before they get too cold! I think they enjoyed their outing!
 Mr handsome

 ... and this is what they do most of the time ... play fight!
 look like the discussion went wrong here!!!

 Scampi: I do love you sis

 very handsome boy

 no problem on the wobble board!

 and the beautiful mama

 this little sweet Sweep melt my heart!
 butter wouldn't melt expression!
let's guess the butts!


Vonnie said...

Awwww love the pics :) The video is great! Love how they all play :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very cute photos - they are all precious! Must be fun even if it is a lot of work.