Sunday, October 09, 2011

Good and Bad of this week

First of all, update on Sing. I have received so many emails from friends asking about Sing, sorry I haven't post an update after the operation. I was too upset. It is not a good news at all. The vet has done everything they could to dig/clean up his paw and the lab result has came back to say there were in-growing hair. What that means, I have not have a clue but the vet has explained that Sing will be cripple for the rest of his life, he will be on and off lame/limping; and his gland is badly inflame, although they have done to clean the paw but it will keep coming back on and off, so he needs medication, probably a very strong anti-biotic to control the inflame, also for the rest of his life. It is so unfair! He so well NOT deserved all this. He is one very special boy to me. He has never set fire to the Agility world nor the Flyball world but he has done a lot FOR ME. He is a wonderful dog to live with and a proud dog to take out and show off with. He has such a good temperament, he knows how to deal with elderly and young children, he is the most wonderful dog you can ever own. I was heart-broken.

It took him more than 24 hours to come off the anaesthetic, when he finally woke up on last Saturday afternoon, guess what he did? 
This picture said it all. That's my boy!
Sorry for the blurry picture! My camera's bugged now and I haven't got a good camera anymore :(((

Since the surgery, we have been to the vet twice for check up. He was rather good not to rip off the 1st bandage for 3 days but then, he's itching. We managed to keep the trendy bandage on until we seen the vet but the 2nd bandage didn't last very long, not more than 24 hours! We had to rush to the vet as the wound is still sore and red but the vet wanted to leave it open to get the air circulate. Knowing Sing is a licker, that's hard work! He was good-ish but soon I turned around, he will lick his wound, which is not good. I put the buster collar on, he tried to take it off within a minute :(

He is not impress with his buster collar!!
how can I keep the wound nice and dry?

So, that's all the bad news and update about Sing.

The good about my week is our training was going on very well, with all the dogs, Sizzle, Sipzie and Sonic. Thursday has now become my busiest day of the week. I have training in the morning and then training in the evening. I haven't got a choice but I thoroughly enjoyed my trainings. The two black ones are doing really well, even Sipzie did some really good work. Our contacts still need sorted out. Whenever she gets excited, she will leap off her Dog Walk, so she still does not understand the criteria! Sizzle is getting really jealous about Sonic. He thinks I am HIS mummy ONLY. It's good to know he loves me very much :)

Sonic started his puppy training last Saturday. It was roasting last Saturday. He started off really well. He is toy motivated, I don't need any treat at all. He did get very tired at the end, must be the heat! Yesterday was nice, it was windy and a bit cold but it was nice to be outdoor. Sonic was fabulous. He is a worker just like his daddy and everytime, he drove to his toy. I've tried to use different toys and he works for any toy.

I've got Colin to video some clips and here is a compilation of Sonic's training week 2:


Eden Agility said...

Lian, I am so so sorry to hear about Sing :-( Very difficult for you. Such a sweet boy, he really doesn't deserve this. Hope he is feeling better soon x

Vonnie said...

Sonic looks like he's enjoying himself. Poor Sing, he is one lovely dog. Good to hear Sizzle & Sipzie are doing well.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am so sorry to hear about Sing! I know how upset you are - sending you great big hugs!

Diana said...

So sorry about Sing. It's just awful . I had to finally put one of those boots on miley's foot to keep it covered. They were cheap ones but they velcoed so she couldn't get it off.

Sonic looks awesome!!