Wednesday, October 05, 2011

update on Sonic

I am so far behind from blogging again, I meant to finish posting our Scotland trip but never seems to get around to do it. Since we came back from Scotland, there were too many things happened ... so I have to post whatever that comes into mind now.

Sonic is 6.5 months now, I haven't done much with him compare to what I did with Sizzle at the same age. Consider how little I've done with him, I am very happy with his enthusiasm towards "working with me". He is toy motivated just like his daddy that makes training much easier.  He will do anything for a throw of tennis ball. This part of him is so much like Sing. 

He started puppy agility class last Saturday. I think he really enjoyed what he is doing. For the full hour of puppy agility class, I have not even needed a piece of food, he worked well with the toy. It was extremely hot last Saturday, after nearly 40 minutes, he beginning to feel very tired. Bless him! Although he has learned some of the agility obstacles at home but there are still many that I haven't introduce to him yet, so I think I better get my training shoe on again.

Whenever I have time, I will do a little bit of agility foundation with him in the garden. Unfortunately, I haven't been around much lately and also been poorly and the weather was too hot and other excuses ... he is a little character, I just loved the way he works, his head is down and is driven to the ball/toy.

I don't know what to expect from a 6 months old puppy but Sonic has now progress to full see-saw which I think he is doing very well with. I didn't push to train the see-saw but it just happened. I spent his last two months just to do the very basic see-saw training, only last week that we progressed to full see-saw and he is loving it and I am really happy with his performance. 

Dog Walk wise, we are still running on the low plank. I have changed a different type of rewards to check his stride and I now will stick to just tennis ball. That seems to keep his stride nicely running across the plank. 

Yesterday, I decided to pull out my dusty Channel Weave. I think it's about time he has to learn something new. It didn't take him long to go through the wide channel weave and I managed to close the channel up to 10" within 10 minutes. I think we will stick to that for a long while before I bring them even closer.

He got a little worried about the Cloth Tunnel at puppy training last Saturday. I don't think he really worried about the cloth tunnel but he just don't like people. If the trainer is calling him (I sent him over), he will not go on. At the end, I have to do a lot of recall instead of sending him on. I am not sure how to overcome this problem. I don't think I can really change him to LIKE people. He is interested in people when we walk on the pavement, he wants to sniff people and saying hello but he will not let people touch him. I suppose Agility is the one-man game, so I should be alright but I need to get him over a "judge" trying to judge his contacts too closely! Oh, one step at a time!

Luckily, I have some agility equipments at home, so I can practice whenever I need it. It seems that he is quite happy to run through the cloth tunnel without much help!

here is a compilation of Sonic doing a bit of puppy agility:


Jolanda said...

Sonic is doing so well! He'll become a great agility dog, just like his daddy!

Vonnie said...

Clever handsome boy! Lovely seesaw for one so young :)Agility star in the making!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to connect with you since I read your post about "being nobody's child." My mom is 90 and ill, and I am preparing for that moment when I am "nobody's child." I hope the love of your Shelties supports you in this sad time. Clearly Sonic is a great joy. Your most recent post sounds more cheerful -- like you are getting back into a routine and that is helping. Good luck and God bless. Hermione Sheltie's Mom