Wednesday, October 19, 2011

introducing Sooty, Sweep & Scampi

Sing and Sunny's puppies arrived on 30th September. After much consideration, we decided to let Sunny whelps her puppies with her owner Marilyn because I have the WAO tryout with Sizzle and I would like have time to make sure he is fit and I am fit for the tryout. We picked up Sunny and her pups on Monday, after the WAO tryout on Sunday and the pups are already 2.5 weeks old. Their eyes and ears are open. They are still not very active at this stage, they spend a lot of time sleeping to grow ...

Sunny has two tri girls and a shaded sable boy. The first born was a smaller tri girl, Sunny didn't have a smooth birth so she has to rush to the vet. The smaller tri girl (I named her Sweep) was pulled out by the vet; then we all decided a caesarean is best for Sunny as we do not want Sunny to go through the hard labour any longer. We then have a bigger tri girl (Sooty) and a shaded sable boy (Scampi) by caesarean. All the pups were weighing between 8.5oz to 9.5oz. Scampi is the smallest in the litter. They all put on weight nicely over the last two weeks and they are fat and contented puppies!

Sunny is a good mama, she settled in straightaway the minute she walked through the door. Pups are great travelling in the car for a long journey, hopefully these puppies will not have car sick when the grow older.

introdusing Sing x Sunny babies, born 30th September
bigger girl, SOOTY
she is very cheeky girl

smaller girl, SWEEP
she is very sweet and cuddly

and the Boy, SCAMPI
he is the naughtiest (in a very funny way), cheekiest little monkey! Of course with a butter wouldn't melt face!
 Sunny & Sweep and Scampi
Sooty trying her baby way of herding sheep ... BITE the sheep. LOL

chilled out time


Diana said...

Aww, they are very cute. Im glad they are all doing so well.

Priscilla said...

So sweet!!! I love them, Lian!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations!! Adorable puppies - of course I love the tris the most being partial to tris! :)

Rhoda said...

Brooke says welcome to her new half sisters and brother! They are adorable and we can't wait to meet them :)

Vonnie said...


Jolanda said...

They are sooooo sweet. Good to hear the move went well. Enjoy!